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Energy News
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Energy Energy CO2 emissions hit 25-year low 10/18/2016National
Energy Improving the economics of the RFS program 10/07/2016National
Energy State governors ask for E15 waiver 09/19/2016National
Energy OSMRE will amend self-bonding regs 09/12/2016National
Energy EPA’s RFS reports overdue 08/29/2016National
Energy EPA needs to improve draft fracking assessment, says SAB 08/19/2016National
Energy Agency advises against coal-mine self-bonding 08/15/2016National
Energy GAO faults natural gas reporting from federal leases 08/08/2016National
Energy EPA asked to restore 200 million gallons to RFS 07/22/2016National
Energy DOE’s third biomass billion-ton report 07/19/2016National
Energy More delay for Cape Wind Project 07/18/2016National
Energy Arctic drilling rule arrives; companies leave 07/12/2016National
Energy New PIPES law lights fire under PHMSA 06/29/2016National
Energy U.S. district judge sets aside BLM’s fracking rule 06/24/2016National
Energy DOI agencies OK fracking off California coast 06/07/2016National
Energy Modest increase proposed for 2017 renewable fuels 05/23/2016National
Energy NRC continues review of abandoned nuke waste project 05/12/2016National
Energy Colorado Supreme Court rulings support fracking 05/05/2016National
Energy Major energy bill clears Senate 04/22/2016National
Energy Drilling rig rule focuses on blowout preventers 04/20/2016National
Energy Environmental and energy surveys 04/11/2016National
Energy DOE reports new energy jobs data 04/07/2016National
Energy Interior backtracks on Atlantic O&G leasing 03/18/2016National
Energy Biofuels rep defends RFS 03/08/2016National
Energy Oregon lawmakers vote to eliminate coal power 03/07/2016National
Energy Pennsylvania aims for the top in O&G methane reductions 01/25/2016National
Energy Science boards find many holes in EPA’s fracking report 01/13/2016National
Energy Oklahoma earthquake prompts more drilling restrictions 01/08/2016National
Energy 5-year extension of renewable energy credits 01/07/2016National
Energy EDF and API worlds apart on methane emissions 12/10/2015National
Energy Well-control proposal worries industry 12/07/2015National
Energy EPA’s RFS walks middle ground 12/04/2015National
Energy Coal giant agrees to climate disclosures 11/12/2015National
Energy Reviewing the Keystone decision 11/12/2015National
Energy Kerry says "no" to Keystone XL 11/06/2015National
Energy Massachusetts leads again in energy efficiency 11/03/2015National
Energy Inspector to review ethanol life-cycle performance 10/21/2015National
Energy Shell to abandon Arctic drilling site 10/20/2015National
Energy Significant revisions proposed for hazardous liquid pipelines 10/16/2015National
Energy Flanagan South pipeline survives Sierra Club suit 10/15/2015National