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Wetlands News
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Wetlands Pruitt asked to explain ‘apparent conflict of interest’ over CWR 03/23/2017National
Wetlands The role of ephemeral streams in drinking water 03/06/2017National
Wetlands Trump orders repeal or revision of Clean Water Rule 03/01/2017National
Wetlands Supreme Court will hear WOTUS jurisdiction case 01/23/2017National
Wetlands Corps leaves WOTUS out of reissued NWPs 01/11/2017National
Wetlands States argue jurisdiction in WOTUS case 10/18/2016National
Wetlands EPW staff report on WOTUS overreach 10/14/2016National
Wetlands EPA’s reversal on mega mine is reasoned decision making, says D.C. Circuit 08/02/2016National
Wetlands EHS on Tap: E02 What Hawkes Means for Wetland Determinations 06/15/2016National
Wetlands Supreme Court: CWA jurisdictional determination is final agency action 06/10/2016National
Wetlands EHS on Tap: E01 Wading Through the WOTUS Waters 06/07/2016National
Wetlands 6th Circuit panel denies en banc petition 04/26/2016National
Wetlands 6th Circuit will rule on WOTUS 02/24/2016National
Wetlands Senate WOTUS override falls short 01/25/2016National
Wetlands House votes to nullify WOTUS 01/14/2016National
Wetlands Senate opponents of WOTUS keep swinging 11/05/2015National
Wetlands Farmers fighting hard against WOTUS 11/02/2015National
Wetlands Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals stays WOTUS 10/09/2015National
Wetlands Farm Bureau maps WOTUS impact 09/16/2015National
Wetlands Judge limits reach of WOTUS injunction 09/15/2015National
Wetlands Pocosins and fumblerooskis: tricky compliance issues with WOTUS 09/15/2015National
Wetlands District judge halts WOTUS in 13 states 08/31/2015National
Wetlands WOTUS webinar wrap-up 08/26/2015National
Wetlands States ask district court to postpone WOTUS rule 08/24/2015National
Wetlands Lawmakers question EPA's lobbying for WOTUS 08/12/2015National
Wetlands QUIZ: How well do you understand the new WOTUS definition? 08/07/2015National
Wetlands Waters of the United States: Frequently Asked Questions 08/05/2015National
Wetlands GAO: WOTUS meets procedural steps 07/30/2015National
Wetlands The New 'Waters of the United States' Rule 07/20/2015National
Wetlands 10 states sue fed over water rule 07/14/2015National
Wetlands Fed regulating 'invisible' waters, complains Farm Bureau 07/08/2015National
Wetlands Wading through the WOTUS waters 06/12/2015National
Wetlands Homebuilders fail to prove injury in CWA case 06/01/2015National
Wetlands The WOTUS rule: what it does/does not do 05/28/2015National
Wetlands EPA and Corps release final Waters of the United States rule 05/27/2015National
Wetlands Bipartisan group passes WOTUS alternative 05/19/2015National
Wetlands Court remands coal mining general permit 04/24/2015National
Wetlands WOTUS draft to the OMB 04/10/2015National
Wetlands EPA Administrator at WEFTEC: Healthy waters make economic sense 09/29/2014National
Wetlands Understanding Corps permits for work in navigable waters 07/15/2014National