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GHG Management News
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GHG Management Bleak future for FutureGen 02/19/2015National
GHG Management Clean Power Plan top item in EPA’s 2016 budget 02/10/2015National
GHG Management Administration sets methane reduction goal 01/16/2015National
GHG Management Jerry Brown proposes new climate goals 01/13/2015National
GHG Management Final new power plant rule delayed 01/09/2015National
GHG Management GHG reporting amendments issued for fluorinated gases 12/18/2014National
GHG Management EPA misses methane hot spot 12/12/2014National
GHG Management More amendments for O&G GHG reporting 12/10/2014National
GHG Management U.S. and China issue nonbinding climate announcement 11/14/2014National
GHG Management Return of the Chairman—Inhofe to EPW 11/12/2014National
GHG Management Fed notches record penalty in greenhouse gas case 11/07/2014National
GHG Management Power plan notice responds to stakeholders 11/06/2014National
GHG Management White House agenda for natural resource resilience 10/27/2014National
GHG Management Power plant GHG emissions increased in 2013 10/09/2014National
GHG Management President calls for international climate cooperation 09/26/2014National
GHG Management Aviation GHG proposal expected in April 2015 09/23/2014National
GHG Management Groups of states square off over GHG proposals 09/12/2014National
GHG Management EPA's guidance on GHG PSD permitting 08/18/2014National
GHG Management States question legality of clean power proposal 08/14/2014National
GHG Management Clean Power Plan--state targets 08/11/2014National
GHG Management Global warming potential for fluorinated gases 08/08/2014National
GHG Management Commercial-scale CCS planned for 2016 08/01/2014National
GHG Management McCarthy issues climate adaptation policy 07/17/2014National
GHG Management EPA has two-part landfill methane plan 07/09/2014National
GHG Management Supreme Court limits GHG regs for stationary sources 06/23/2014National
GHG Management EPA to aggregate confidential GHG data 06/16/2014National
GHG Management EPA's Clean Power Plan--Part 5 06/10/2014National
GHG Management EPA's Clean Power Plan--Part 4 06/09/2014National
GHG Management EPA's Clean Power Plan--Part 3 06/06/2014National
GHG Management EPA's Clean Power Plan-Part 2 06/05/2014National
GHG Management Report reviews 30 indicators of climate change 06/03/2014National
GHG Management EPA pulls the climate trigger with power plant proposal-Part 1 06/02/2014National
GHG Management Long-awaited CO2 regs finally announced 06/02/2014National
GHG Management Groups square off for power plant proposal due Monday 05/30/2014National
GHG Management EPA has discretion to regulate coal mine methane 05/27/2014National
GHG Management Recovering waste mine methane on federal lands 05/09/2014National
GHG Management No U.S. region unaffected, says National Climate Assessment 05/07/2014National
GHG Management White papers issued on O&G methane emissions 04/29/2014National
GHG Management Senator Boxer's climate offensive 04/28/2014National
GHG Management Extraordinary mitigation needed, says climate panel 04/23/2014National