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GHG Management News
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GHG Management California’s cap-and-trade auction not a tax 04/11/2017National
GHG Management D.C. Circuit asked to freeze CPP case 04/07/2017National
GHG Management Reviews of GHG rules announced in FR 04/06/2017National
GHG Management Trump announces reevaluation of Clean Power Plan 03/28/2017National
GHG Management Pruitt and NOAA disagree on climate 03/16/2017National
GHG Management Famous Republicans push carbon tax 02/27/2017National
GHG Management GHG Draft Inventory shows 2.2 percent 1-year decrease 02/17/2017National
GHG Management Pruitt: State flexibility under CPP ‘conceptual at best’ 02/03/2017National
GHG Management Tillerson speaks on climate change 01/13/2017National
GHG Management AGs urge Trump to wait for CPP ruling 01/03/2017National
GHG Management Monitoring changes issued for O&G GHG reporting 12/01/2016National
GHG Management More than 300 businesses ask Trump to keep Paris Agreement 11/28/2016National
GHG Management Will China replace U.S. as climate leader? 11/18/2016National
GHG Management States protest proposed Clean Energy Incentive Program 11/10/2016National
GHG Management UN says more actions needed on climate change 11/07/2016National
GHG Management EHS on Tap: E10: The Clean Power Plan: What the D.C. Circuit Court's Recent Hearing Means for Clean Air 10/14/2016National
GHG Management Clean Power Plan now in hands of D.C. Circuit 09/28/2016National
GHG Management California extends climate target to 2030 09/15/2016National
GHG Management CPP arguments on September 27 09/14/2016National
GHG Management Together United States and China join Paris Agreement 09/09/2016National
GHG Management California is ready for the CPP 08/25/2016National
GHG Management States ask EPA to delay CPP incentive program 08/12/2016National
GHG Management Climate change now a big part of NEPA reviews 08/10/2016National
GHG Management Fourth report on climate indicators 08/05/2016National
GHG Management Think tanks says utility tax loophole should be closed 08/05/2016National
GHG Management EPA on flight path to limit aircraft GHGs 07/27/2016National
GHG Management Methane reductions key in revised landfill rules 07/20/2016National
GHG Management EPA issues draft of urban climate change tool 06/28/2016National
GHG Management Minnesota CO2 law found in violation of Commerce Clause 06/27/2016National
GHG Management MASS DEP fails GHG law, says Court 06/03/2016National
GHG Management Fed seeks GHG disclosures from its vendors 05/31/2016National
GHG Management Do not help with CPP, AGs tell EPA 05/27/2016National
GHG Management West Virginia v. EPA—What the postponement means 05/18/2016National
GHG Management Methane rules cover new, reconstructed, and modified O&G sources 05/13/2016National
GHG Management U.N. reports on high cost of climate adaptation 05/13/2016National
GHG Management EPA refuses to budge on GHG rule for new EGUs 05/10/2016National
GHG Management States ask EPA for help with Clean Power Plan 05/06/2016National
GHG Management PEER says BLM ignores GHGs from grazing 04/25/2016National
GHG Management Latest GHG inventory shows 1 percent increase 04/21/2016National
GHG Management California proposes strategy for super GHGs 04/14/2016National