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This collection includes information on hazardous materials transportation, transportation of solid and hazardous waste, agency information, and articles on safe driving.


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Guidance Documents Hazmat Training for Signer of Shipping Paper/Hazardous Waste Manifest (PHMSA Interpretation Letter 02-0050)  National
Guidance Documents 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook - English  National
Guidance Documents 2016 Emergency Response Guidebook - Spanish  National
Final Regulations 49 CFR 107, 171, 172, 173, 175, 178, and 179 - Hazardous Materials: Minor Editorial Corrections and Clarifications 10/05/2012National
Final Regulations 49 CFR 107 - Hazardous Materials; Temporary Reduction of Registration Fees 04/19/2013National
Proposed Regulations 49 CFR 107, 172, 173, 175, and 178 - Hazardous Materials: Incorporation of Certain Special Permits and Competent Authorities Into Regulations 10/22/2012National
Final Regulations 49 CFR 383 and 390 - Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR); Definition 10/29/2012National
Notices Actions on Special Permit Applications 12/28/2012National
Notices Actions on Special Permit Applications 02/22/2013National
Questions & Answers An office secretary types the required hazardous materials description on a shipping paper at the direction of another, item by item. Is the secretary a hazmat employee requiring training? 03/07/2002National
Questions & Answers Are slogans or signs, such as 'Drive Safely,' which are often displayed on placards and in placard holders, prohibited on a transport vehicle and freight container? 03/07/2002National
Questions & Answers Can hazardous material carried by a salesperson qualify for a material of trade exception in 49 CFR 173.6? 03/01/2002National
Questions & Answers Can I consolidate manifested shipments of hazardous waste at a transfer facility by transferring waste in drums to a tank truck for bulk delivery to a treatment, storage, or disposal (TSD) facility? All of the drums contain wastes with the same DOT 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Can I use multiple transfer facilities when transporting a hazardous waste shipment? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Can small amounts e.g. 20 cases of 1 liter bottles of DOT hazardous materials be transported between company facilities by a shuttle van that normally does not carry any chemistry? 04/28/2004National
Guidance Documents Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle (CTMV) Loading/Unloading Operations: Recommended Best Practices Guide  National
Guidance Documents Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle (CTMV) Loading/Unloading Operations: Recommended Best Practices Pocket Guide  National
News Compliance with the final hazmat rule is January 1, 2016 - or is it? 12/07/2015National
News Coordinating pipeline emergencies 10/19/2012National
Questions & Answers Could you please direct me to the federal requirements for fueling company fleets on company property (i.e., not at a public gas station)? 07/13/2006National
News Derailments and underground pipelines 08/01/2012National
Questions & Answers Do I designate used lithium batteries as hazardous waste for shipping on ground in the US? 03/12/2010National
Questions & Answers Do identification numbers have to be displayed when nonbulk packages of two or more different hazmats in quantities of 4,000 kg (8,820 lbs.) or more with different proper shipping names and ID numbers are loaded on a vehicle at one facility? 03/01/2002National
Questions & Answers Do Loaders & Unloaders Need Hazmat Training? 12/05/2007National
Questions & Answers Do the training regulations apply to hazmat employers and/or employees who operate a bulk vessel transporting hazardous materials? 03/07/2002National
Guidance Documents Do You Know If You Are Shipping Hazardous Materials?  National
Questions & Answers Does a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) with HM/tank vehicle endorsement satisfy the HMR training requirements? 03/07/2002National
Questions & Answers Does a UN 4G fiberboard box require recertification or disposal if over two years have passed since its marked date of manufacture? 03/07/2002National
Questions & Answers Does IMDG Code, ICAO Technical Instructions, OSHA, or EPA training fulfill the HMR requirements? 03/07/2002National
Questions & Answers Does the trainer who teaches and tests the hazmat employee certify that the hazmat employee is trained/tested? 03/07/2002National
Questions & Answers Does the USDOT certify instructors to train, test, and certify in accordance with 49 CFR 172.704? 03/07/2002National
Guidance Documents Does Your Hazmat Training Measure Up?  National
Guidance Documents DOT Letter Concerning "Adequate" Hazmat Training (PHMSA Interpretation Letter 03-0048)  National
Guidance Documents DOT's Hours-of-Service for Drivers  National
Guidance Documents Enhancing Security of Hazardous Materials Shipments  National
News Fireworks alternative made final 07/31/2013National
Questions & Answers For small quantities of gasoline recovered from groundwater monitoring wells (5 gallons or less), do DOT HAZMAT regulations apply if the gasoline is being transported to another locations for accumulation and safe storage? 05/05/2004National
News Good metrics needed for pipeline integrity 12/11/2012National
Guidance Documents Guide for Preparing Hazardous Materials Incident Reports  National
Guidance Documents Guide for Preparing Shipping Papers  National