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National Summary
Importers and exporters of chemicals may often be subject to more than one set of federal rules. The appropriate rules depend on the substance being imported or exported. In addition, no one agency regulates all aspects of imports and exports of hazardous substances.
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Guidance Documents 12th Report on Carcinogens  National
Notices Access to Confidential Business Information by Chemical Abstract Services 04/03/2013National
Guidance Documents Acronyms Related to EU REACH  National
Notices Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission to OMB for Review and Approval; Comment Request; Tier 1 Screening of Certain Chemicals Under the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP)(Renewal) 10/31/2012National
Guidance Documents Annexes IV and V--Substances Exempt from Registration under REACH  National
Notices Availability of Draft Chemical Risk Assessments 01/09/2013National
Notices Availability of the Risk Assessment Forum White Paper 08/12/2014National
Guidance Documents Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern  National
Guidance Documents Chemical Industry Compliance Improvement Tool  National
Forms Chemical Inventory form  National
Guidance Documents Chemical Management Resource Guide for School Administrators, December 2006  National
Guidance Documents Chemical Safety Assessment Guidance in a Nutshell  National
Forms Chemical Safety Report Format Template  National
Plans Chemicals - Process Safety Management Safety Plan (Customizable)  National
Notices CSB Sunshine Act Meeting 01/09/2013National
Guidance Documents CSB Urgent Recommendations  National
Guidance Documents Data Submission Manual: Business Rules Validation  National
Guidance Documents Downstream Users--How to Make Uses Known to Suppliers  National
Notices Draft IRIS Carcinogenicity Assessment for Ethylene Oxide 08/28/2013National
Notices Draft Toxicological Assessments for Ammonia, Trimethylbenzenes and the Evaluation of Inhalation Carcinogenicity of Ethylene Oxide 08/28/2013National
Notices Draft Toxicological Review of Benzo[a]pyrene: In Support of the Summary Information in the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) 08/21/2013National
Guidance Documents Emergency Shutdown Systems for Chlorine Transfer  National
Guidance Documents Emergency Shutdown Systems for Chlorine Transfer  National
Notices EPA Information Collection Request Submitted to OMB: Toxic Chemical Release Reporting (Renewal) 07/28/2014National
Guidance Documents EPA Needs to Manage Nanomaterial Ricks More Effectively  National
Notices EPA Notice of Peer Review of the Draft Health Effects Documents for Perfluorooctanoic Acid and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate 04/30/2014National
Notices EPA Notification of Date Correction to the Public Teleconference of the Science Advisory Board Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee 04/09/2014National
Notices EPA Science Advisory Board; Notification of a Public Teleconference and Meeting of the Science Advisory Board Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee Augmented for the Review of EPA's Draft Ammonia Assessment 03/25/2014National
Guidance Documents EPA’s Voluntary Chemical Evaluation Program Did Not Achieve Children’s Health Protection Goals  National
Guidance Documents Evaluation Progress Report 2008  National
Guidance Documents Fact Sheet on Exposure Scenario Building CSA (Part D)  National
Guidance Documents Fact Sheet on Information Requirements and Chemcial Safety Assessment (Part A)  National
Guidance Documents Fees and Charges Payable to ECHA under REACH  National
Questions & Answers For the purpose of 40 CFR Part 370, must the amount of ammonia in ammonium hydroxide be counted (and aggregated) toward the 500-pound extremely hazardous substance threshold? 11/02/2004National
Questions & Answers Frequently Asked Questions on REACH by Industry 03/05/2009National
Guidance Documents Guidance for Annex V--Exemptions from the Obligation to Register  National
Guidance Documents Guidance for Downstream Users  National
Guidance Documents Guidance for Intermediates  National
Guidance Documents Guidance for Polymers and Monomers  National
Guidance Documents Guidance on Annex XIV—List of Substances Subject to Authorization  National