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Water Permitting
National Summary
EPA and related federal agencies, the states, and municipalities maintain the quality of U.S. waters through a variety of water permitting regulatory schemes. Under the Clean Water Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination (NPDES) permit program controls water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters of the United States. NPDES permit programs include provisions for individual and general permits. NPDES encompasses industrial wastewater, agricultural waste, and stormwater for industrial and construction activities and municipalities. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), EPA and state environmental and public health agencies permit public water supplies and owners and operators of underground injection wells to ensure the safety of drinking water and groundwater sources. The quality and quantity of water sources are also protected under well permitting, water withdrawal, and wetland permitting programs.
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Proposed Regulations 40 CFR 136 - Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants; Procedures for Detection and Quantitation; Reopening of Comment Period 07/18/2003National
Final Regulations 40 CFR 439 - Partial Withdrawal of Direct Final Rule; Effluent Limitations Guidelines, Pretreatment Standards, and New Source Performance Standards for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Point Source Category 06/12/2003National
Notices Agency Information Collection Activities; List of ICRs Planned to Be Submitted in Section A 06/27/2007National
Notices Availability of Decision on Petition for Rulemaking to Repeal Regulation Related to Ballast Water 09/09/2003National
Notices Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program: Approval Decision on Florida's and South Carolina's Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Programs 02/11/2008National
Notices Extension of Public Comment Period for the Proposed Reissuance of General NPDES Permit for Offshore Seafood Processors in Alaska (AKG524000) 12/01/2008National
Notices Issuance of a Final General Permit to the National Science Foundation for the Ocean Disposal of Man-Made Ice Piers From its Base at McMurdo Sound on Antarctica 02/17/2003National
Notices Notice of Availability of Draft NPDES General Permits MAG7000 and NHG7000 for Discharges From Dewatering Activities in the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire: the Dewatering General Permit 07/22/2008National
Notices Notice of Lodging Proposed Consent Decree 02/18/2013National
Notices Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Revisions to Michigan's CWA Program 10/23/2013National
Checklists Permit Writer Checklist  National
Notices Proposed Issuance of a General NPDES Permit for Federal Aquaculture Facilities and Aquaculture Facilities Located in Indian Country in Washington (Permit Number WAG-13-0000) 11/12/2008National
Notices Request for Amendment of Designation Prohibiting Discharges of Dredged or Fill Material to the Bayou aux Carpes Clean Water Act Section 404(c) Site, Louisiana 01/14/2009National