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Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Rule
Will the proposed new Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Rule affect your facility?


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Medical WasteWill the proposed new Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Rule affect your facility?4/29/2016
AuditsDo you conduct environmental audits at your facility?3/04/2016
Community Right to KnowAre you ready for this Tier II reporting season?1/29/2016
WetlandsThe House passed S.J. Res. 22 which would nullify the WOTUS rule. Do you think the president will veto the action?1/14/2016
GHG ManagementThe House approved two Senate Joint Resolutions to block the Clean Power Plan. Do you think the President will veto them?12/10/2015
EnergyThe U.S. has denied the TransCanada’s application for a Presidential Permit to extend its proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Do you agree with the motion?11/17/2015
GHG ManagementA coalition of 23 states has requested to stay the Clean Power Plan rule. Do you think the rule will be stayed?10/29/2015
WetlandsDo you agree with the WOTUS stay?10/09/2015
Hazardous Waste GeneratorsIf the EPA’s new proposed hazardous waste generator improvements rule is finalized, will it affect your business?9/21/2015
WetlandsAre the states right to challenge WOTUS?9/02/2015
GHG ManagementDo you support EPA’s new Clean Power Plan?8/07/2015
Underground Storage TanksWill your business be impacted by the new UST regulations?6/23/2015
GHG ManagementWill the proposed Clean Power Plan standards impact your business?5/12/2015
Hazardous Waste GeneratorsHow often does your hazardous waste generator status change?4/10/2015
Hazardous Waste DeterminationWill EPA’s new solid waste rule increase your compliance obligations?2/17/2015
EnergyWith the President’s claim to veto, the Keystone XL will likely never pass.1/09/2015
EnergyNew York state is moving to prohibit fracking. Will other states follow?12/17/2014
EnergyShould the Keystone XL Pipeline be reworked into a new bill for 2015?11/21/2014
Medical WasteDOT’s “non-site-specific” permits should limit where Ebola waste can be picked up or disposed of.10/28/2014
EnergyThe benefits of EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan outweigh the compliance costs and difficulties.9/10/2014