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Environmental Quick Links

What's a Time Saver?
A Time Saver is any document that helps you do your job better and faster. Prewritten forms, checklists, employee newsletters, and written plans save you preparation time and allow you to focus on environmental compliance. See the video tutorial.
Customizable Written EHS Plans
Do you hate writing EHS plans from scratch? You don't have to! We've added new custom plans in topics such as SPCC and SWPPP.
New Time Savers
Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Monday, April 11, 2016
Submit this notification of exemption to notify WDOE of the specific activities (e.g. recycling, material recovery, moderate risk waste handling) that are exempt from solid waste handling permitting requirements.
Submit this form by April 1 to the WDOE and the local jurisdictional health department if you operate a permitted or exempt recycling facility (processor or intermediate/moderate risk waste).
Friday, April 1, 2016
Groundwater right holders can file for a Multiyear Flex Account in Kansas.
As of December 12, 2015, MCS-150 forms can ONLY be used to update an existing US DOT number, not for initial registration with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. First-time applicants must use the Unified Registration System (URS). This form can be used until September 30, 2016 at which point it will be replaced by the URS.
Groundwater right holders must complete this permit application to appropriate water for beneficial use in Kansas.
Friday, March 18, 2016
Public water systems seeking infrastructure improvements and grant funding can apply for Washington's DWSRF loan program using this form.
Public water systems in Washington must complete this supplemental financial information form to receive funding through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.
Tuesday, March 15, 2016
UST owners and operators are required to submit this compliance certificate to the MassDEP every 3 years.
Monday, March 14, 2016
This completed form must be submitted to the DEQ by April 1 of each year.
Updated Time Savers
Friday, February 27, 2015
APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Fugitive Component Leak Emissions (APCD-203)
Submit this Specialty APEN to report new or existing condensate storage tanks located at E&P facilities only.
Submit this specialty APEN to report emissions from hydrocarbon liquid loading operations such as liquid load out from above ground storage tanks and liquid load out from pressurized storage tanks (if reportable).
This Colorado environmental air permitting form “Dry Cleaner Air Permit Application Package (01/07)” can be used at your facility.
Use this form to report malfunctions, which are unpredictable failures of air pollution control or process equipment.
Oil & Gas industry Construction Permit Self-Certification Timeline Table (APCD-401)
Submit this form along with the Permit Application form to describe the source, equipment, activity, process, stack details, and emissions.
Sunday, February 15, 2015
Water Withdrawal Temporary Authorization Application
Sunday, February 1, 2015
This checklist covers the areas of the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan (Plan) and facilities that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) inspectors will review during an SPCC facility inspection and addresses the requirements for onshore facilities, including Tier II qualified facilities that meet the eligibility criteria in 40 CFR 112.3(g)(2). This checklist should be consulted annually to review all Plan components and their implementation.
10 most recently added Time Savers
163965/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/industrial-waste-recycling/Washington-Electronic-Product-Recycling-Form-–-Pro/FormsRecyclingWashington Washington Electronic Product Recycling Form – Processor Registration Form (Form ECY 070-270)
163926/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Notice-of-Intent-to-Operate-Under-Terms-and-Condit/FormsSolid WasteWashington Notice of Intent to Operate Under Terms and Conditions for Solid Waste Permit Exemption (Form ECY 070-493)
163927/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/industrial-waste-recycling/Annual-Report-Recycling-Facility-Form-ECY-040-168/FormsRecyclingWashington Annual Report - Recycling Facility (Form ECY 040-168)
163792/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/groundwater/Application-for-Multiyear-Flex-Account/FormsGroundwaterKansas Application for Multiyear Flex Account
163793/timesavers/environmental-forms/hazmat-and-chemicals/hazardous-materials-transportation/Motor-Carrier-Identification-Report-Application-fo-163793/FormsHazmat TransportationNational Motor Carrier Identification Report, Application for U.S. DOT Number (Form MCS-150)
85534/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/groundwater/Application-for-Permit-to-Appropriate-Water-for-Be/FormsGroundwaterKansas Application for Permit to Appropriate Water for Beneficial Use
163609/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/drinking-water-quality-protection/Drinking-Water-Preconstruction-Loan-Program-Applic/FormsDrinking WaterWashington Drinking Water Preconstruction Loan Program Application
163610/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/drinking-water-quality-protection/Supplemental-Financial-Information-Form-/FormsDrinking WaterWashington Supplemental Financial Information Form
163550/timesavers/environmental-forms/hazmat-and-chemicals/underground-storage-tanks-USTs/Compliance-Certification/FormsUnderground Storage TanksMassachusetts Compliance Certification
163533/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Class-II-III-and-IV-Landfill-Renewal-Application/FormsSolid WasteMontana Class II, III, and IV Landfill Renewal Application
Last 10 most recently updated Time Savers
122732/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/APEN-Application-for-Construction-Permit-Fugitive-/FormsAir PermittingColorado APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Fugitive Component Leak Emissions (APCD-203)
122731/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/APEN-Application-for-Construction-Permit-Oil-Gas-E/FormsAir PermittingColorado APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Condensate Storage Tank Battery (APCD-205)
122724/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/APEN-Application-for-Construction-Permit-Hydrocarb/FormsAir PermittingColorado APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Hydrocarbon Liquid Loading (APCD-208)
91157/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/Dry-Cleaner-Air-Permit-Application-Packet/FormsAir PermittingColorado Dry Cleaner Air Permit Application Packet
122739/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/Malfunction-Event-Reporting-Form/FormsAir PermittingColorado Malfunction Event Reporting Form
24855/timesavers/environmental-forms/hazmat-and-chemicals/asbestos-management/General-Abatement-Contractor-Certification-Form-GA/FormsAsbestosColorado General Abatement Contractor Certification Form (GAC08)
136257/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/Oil-Gas-industry-Construction-Permit-Self-Certific/FormsAir PermittingColorado Oil & Gas industry Construction Permit Self-Certification Timeline Table (APCD-401)
20086/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/General-APEN-APCD-200/FormsAir PermittingColorado General APEN (APCD-200)
104240/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/wastewater-permitting/Water-Withdrawal-Temporary-Authorization-Applicati/FormsWater PermittingKentucky Water Withdrawal Temporary Authorization Application
135854/timesavers/environmental-checklists/Emergency-Planning-Response/SPCC-spill-prevention-plan/SPCC-Inspection-and-Plan-Review-Checklist-for-Onsh/ChecklistsSpill Prevention (SPCC Plan)National SPCC Inspection and Plan Review Checklist for Onshore Facilities