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A Time Saver is any document that helps you do your job better and faster. Prewritten forms, checklists, employee newsletters, and written plans save you preparation time and allow you to focus on keeping your employees safe. See the video tutorial.
Customizable Written EHS Plans
Do you hate writing EHS plans from scratch? You don't have to! We've added new custom plans in topics such as SPCC and SWPPP.
New Time Savers
Monday, September 08, 2014
Owners and operators of regulated appliances/refrigeration equipment may use this checklist to determine if required records are being maintained.
Monday, August 18, 2014
EPA’s stormwater regulations allow NPDES permitting authorities to waive NPDES permitting requirements for stormwater discharges from small construction sites (disturbing less than 5 acres) if the value of the rainfall erosivity factor (“R” in the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation or RUSLE) is less than 5 during the period of construction activity.
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Owners/operators must provide notification in writing at least 10 days before placing an aboveground storage tank (AST) system in temporary closure, and at that same time submit records documenting the prior 12 months of monthly visual inspections, inventory control, ullage records, piping release detection records, and corrosion protection testing (if applicable) for tanks and piping.
Monday, August 11, 2014
A checklist to consider when preparing and/or resubmitting your RMP. 
Withdrawal form for facilities that do not have more than a threshold quantity of any extremely hazardous substance listed at 40 CFR 68.130 other than propane (or another listed flammable substance).
Thursday, August 07, 2014
GSD-15 General Source Data - Government Officials Notified - 51608
Wednesday, August 06, 2014
This is the application form for Kentucky DEP's Brownfield Redevelopment Program.
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
This form is used to report the amount IN POUNDS of hazardous waste generated during a quarter. Any waste generated on-site and then treated, stored, (accumulated), disposed of (on-site) or recovered should be reported on this form. The treatment, disposal and recovery activities mentioned here may require either currently having Interim Status or obtaining a Hazardous Waste Permit from S.C. DHEC. Large Quantity Generators are allowed to store (accumulate) hazardous waste under 90 days without a permit. The EPA ID Number and name of all initial transporters who hauled hazardous waste for you during this quarter must be entered on the form.
This form is a log of manifested hazardous waste shipments transported off-site for a quarter.
This form is to be completed only by those companies who accept hazardous waste that was generated by other companies for the purpose of treatment, storage, disposal and/or recovery. The treatment, storage, disposal and recovery activities mentioned here require either currently having Interim Status or obtaining a Hazardous Waste Permit from S.C. DHEC.
Updated Time Savers
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Water Withdrawal Temporary Authorization Application
Tuesday, September 09, 2008
The sample Asbestos Plan establishes minimum requirements for handling, maintenance, use, removal, and disposal of friable and nonfriable asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), ACM debris, and presumed asbestos-containing material (PACM) according to OSHA workplace safety rule for asbestos (29 CFR 1910.1001). It covers asbestos abatement, maintenance activities involving asbestos, and spill response and cleanup of ACM.
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Any organization that is subject to OSHA workplace safety and health rules must comply with hazard communication and associated MSDS requirements (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)). You must provide all employees, contractors, volunteers, or other worker(s) with unrestricted access to an MSDS for every chemical for which they may be exposed or are exposed.
Thursday, June 19, 2003
Friday, September 06, 2002
A checklist on proper ventilation covering procedures for such things as hoods, ducts, fans, and air cleaners.
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150024/timesavers/environmental-checklists/air/ozone-depleting-substances/Refrigerant-Management-Records-OwnersOperators-Mus/ChecklistsAir - Ozone Depleting SubstancesNational Refrigerant Management: Records Owners/Operators Must Keep
149666/timesavers/environmental-calculators/water/Stormwater-Construction-Activities/Rainfall-Erosivity-Factor-Calculator-for-Small-Con/CalculatorsStormwater-Construction ActivitiesNational Rainfall Erosivity Factor Calculator for Small Construction Sites
149593/timesavers/environmental-forms/hazmat-and-chemicals/aboveground-storage-tanks-ASTs/AST-Temporary-Closure-Notification-Form/FormsAboveground Storage TanksColorado AST Temporary Closure Notification Form
149551/timesavers/environmental-checklists/Emergency-Planning-Response/risk-management-plan-RMP/Checklist-for-Submitting-Your-Risk-Management-Plan/ChecklistsRisk ManagementNational Checklist for Submitting Your Risk Management Plan
149552/timesavers/environmental-forms/Emergency-Planning-Response/risk-management-plan-RMP/Facility-Withdrawal-Form/FormsRisk ManagementNational Facility Withdrawal Form
149477/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/GSD-15-General-Source-Data-Government-Officials-No-149477/FormsAir PermittingIndiana GSD-15 General Source Data - Government Officials Notified - 51608
149429/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/brownfields/Brownfiled-Liability-Relief-Eligibility-Form-DEP-6/FormsBrownfieldsKentucky Brownfiled Liability Relief Eligibility Form (DEP 6056)
149274/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/hazardous-waste-biennial-report/Quarterly-Hazardous-Waste-Report-Generation-and-On/FormsBiennial ReportSouth Carolina Quarterly Hazardous Waste Report: Generation and On-Site Treatment, Storage, Disposal, and Recovery Form (DHEC 1962)
149275/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/hazardous-waste-biennial-report/Quarterly-Hazardous-Waste-Report-Waste-Shipped-Off/FormsBiennial ReportSouth Carolina Quarterly Hazardous Waste Report: Waste Shipped Off-Site for Treatment, Storage, Disposal, and Recovery (DHEC 1963)
149276/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/hazardous-waste-biennial-report/Quarterly-Hazardous-Waste-Report-Off-Site-Facility/FormsBiennial ReportSouth Carolina Quarterly Hazardous Waste Report: Off-Site Facility Report Form (DHEC 1964)
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104240/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/wastewater-permitting/Water-Withdrawal-Temporary-Authorization-Applicati/FormsWater PermittingKentucky Water Withdrawal Temporary Authorization Application
94685/timesavers/environmental-plans/hazmat-and-chemicals/asbestos-management/Asbestos-Management-Plan-Customizable/PlansAsbestosNational Asbestos - Asbestos Management Plan - Template
92540/timesavers/environmental-plans/health-and-safety/MSDS-material-safety-data-sheet/Safety-Data-Sheet-SDS-Plan/PlansMSDSNational SDS - Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Plan
38528/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/drinking-water-quality-protection/Texas-Optimization-Program-Monthly-Optimization-Re/FormsDrinking WaterTexas Texas Optimization Program Monthly Optimization Report Form
33229/timesavers/environmental-checklists/health-and-safety/ventilation-indoor-air-pollution/Ventilation-Checklist/ChecklistsVentilationNational Ventilation Checklist