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CERCLA/Superfund A fresh approach to brownfields redevelopment 06/30/2017
Hazmat Transportation To placard or not placard Class 9 shipments—that is the question 07/05/2017
NPDES Court vacates final rule regarding CERCLA and EPCRA reporting requirements 07/28/2017
Spill Prevention (SPCC Plan) SPCC plan: Q and A 07/28/2017
Containers Properly manage hazardous waste containers—Decrease violations 08/07/2017
Pesticides What You Need to Know About the New Worker Protection Standard (WPS) 08/21/2017
Stormwater-General StormCon 2017: New national solutions for aging stormwater infrastructure 08/30/2017
Stormwater-General StormCon2017: How to Diagnose and Repair Stormwater Management Systems Gone Bad 08/31/2017
Risk Management 11 State AGs challenge EPA delay for chemical safety amendments 09/05/2017
Environment - General D.C. Circuit’s mixed messages on NEPA’s ‘foreseeable’ effects 09/05/2017
Hazardous Waste Determination Changes to the Definition of Solid Waste Rule—again 09/05/2017
Emergency Planning and Response DHS publishes policy on civil penalties for CFATS violation 09/06/2017
Stormwater-General StormCon 2017: Innovative Stormwater Management Success Stories 09/07/2017
NPDES Court gives EPA until November 14 to enforce CAFO release reporting 09/07/2017
Environment - General Murray Energy calls for permitting changes 09/19/2017
Solid Waste Pruitt will reconsider coal ash rule 09/20/2017
Pesticides Guidance issued for minor changes to pesticide registrations 09/21/2017
Environment - General Pruitt sued over FOIA nonresponse 09/22/2017
GHG Management Bay Area cities sue oil companies for climate fund 09/25/2017
Stormwater-Industrial Facilities EPA’s 2020 MSGP: A look ahead 09/25/2017