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Air - General Technical amendments proposed for petroleum refineries 03/22/2018
Manifests Launch of the e-manifest system—How does it affect you? 03/22/2018
Emergency Planning and Response Infographic: Emergency Preparedness 03/26/2018
Air - General D.C. Circuit vacates parts of 2008 NAAQS implementation rule 03/26/2018
Emergency Planning and Response When to evacuate during an emergency 03/28/2018
Environment - General Congress—again—does not cut EPA’s funding 03/28/2018
Wetlands Corps begins Pebble Mine impact assessment 03/30/2018
Emergency Planning and Response Emergency preparedness: Training employees 04/04/2018
Air - General EPA now says vehicle GHG standards are too stringent 04/04/2018
Toxic Substances Control Act Court orders compliance with Formaldehyde Rule by June 1, 2018 04/05/2018
Hazardous Air Pollutants EPA ordered to complete nine NESHAP reviews 04/06/2018
Environment - General OSHA, EPA, and violation referrals 04/09/2018
Air - General No emissions changes proposed for fiberglass production sector 04/11/2018
Pesticides EPA issues draft on nonanimal testing of chemicals 04/13/2018
Air - General President speaks on NAAQS, SIPs, and Regional Haze Rule 04/16/2018
GHG Management Exxon losing ground in climate disclosure case 04/18/2018
Wastewater - General EPA will issue rule on POTW blending 04/19/2018
Pesticides Pesticide relief in Farm Bill 04/20/2018
Hazardous Air Pollutants D.C. panel remands boiler MACT CO emissions limit 04/24/2018
Environment - General EPA’s proposal seeks science transparency 04/25/2018