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Chemicals EPA poised to ban methylene chloride in paint strippers 05/17/2018
Hazardous Air Pollutants No emissions changes proposed for wood-coating facilities 05/18/2018
Risk Management EPA proposes to rescind ‘unnecessary and costly’ RMP amendments 05/21/2018
Manifests The new e-manifest system begins soon—how does it affect transporters? 05/21/2018
New Source Review NSR reform focuses on emissions test 05/24/2018
Environment - General Contamination: How to prevent a lawsuit before it can begin 05/25/2018
PCB Management PCBs in Building Materials—Should You Test for Them? 05/25/2018
Spill Prevention (SPCC Plan) Spill response: Business practices to consider beyond the SPCC requirements 05/25/2018
CERCLA/Superfund EPA ignored evidence in Superfund listing 05/28/2018
Hazardous Waste Determination EPA implements D.C. Circuit’s HSM orders 05/31/2018
Pesticides AGs sue EPA over delay in agricultural worker rule 06/01/2018
Asbestos EPA proposes new use rule for asbestos 06/04/2018
Community Right to Know Infographic: TRI Reporting Essentials 06/04/2018
Manifests Infographic: The New e-Manifest System 06/05/2018
Air - General EPA says it will deny Delaware and Maryland good neighbor petitions 06/06/2018
Chemicals PFAS chemicals spotlighted at EPA summit 06/08/2018
Chemicals Safety 2018: Knowing vs. understanding chemical hazards—where do we set the bar? 06/08/2018
Environment - General Pruitt ordered to back up climate statement 06/08/2018
Community Right to Know TRI reports: Are you keeping up with the changes? 06/08/2018
Air - General AGs sue EPA over delayed landfill rules 06/11/2018