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Enforcement Effective Immediately: Higher EPA penalties for noncompliance 02/06/2019
Environment - General Coal is not rebounding, reports EIA 02/06/2019
Hazardous Air Pollutants EPA proposes no emissions changes for HCl NESHAP 02/07/2019
Hazard Communication OSHA outlines FIFRA, HazCom differences 02/08/2019
Environment - General EPA proposes National Compliance Initiatives for 2020–2023 02/11/2019
Environment - General House leaders renew request for EPA enforcement information 02/12/2019
Community Right to Know Tier II: What you need to know to avoid enforcement 02/13/2019
Asbestos EPA refuses to require TSCA reporting for asbestos 02/14/2019
Environment - General Green New Deal resolution shakes up Washington 02/15/2019
Environment - General DOE seeks to void expansion of lightbulb definition 02/18/2019
Chemicals EPA floats ‘groundbreaking’ PFAS plan 02/19/2019
Water - General EPA wants to revive water quality trading 02/19/2019
Water - General State data unlikely to result in expanded SPCC requirements 02/20/2019
Toxic Substances Control Act New TSCA Inventory lists "active" chemicals 02/21/2019
Hazardous Waste - General EPA's final Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Rule effective August 21, 2019 02/22/2019
Environment - General District Court upholds EPA’s science committee directive 02/25/2019
Community Right to Know March 1 – The Tier II deadline is days away! 02/25/2019
Stormwater-Industrial Facilities NAS recommends sweeping update of Multi-Sector General Permit 02/27/2019
NPDES Supreme Court will sort out CWA discharge dispute 03/04/2019
Chemicals Both parties want faster CERCLA designation for PFAS 03/05/2019