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Questions about Community Right to Know
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A business switched ownership during the year 2015. Which company is responsible for Tier II reporting for 2015? 01/29/2016National
A company melts scrap metal which contains manganese at less than 1%. During the melting process the manganese is converted to a manganese oxide and collected in a baghouse. Since the manganese is less than 1% in the scrap metal, does the de minimu 06/21/2012National
A construction company, contracted to perform work at a manufacturer's site, brings hazardous chemicals onto the site to perform its construction activities. Who is responsible for reporting on hazardous chemicals? 12/07/1999National
A facility changed ownership during the third quarter of the 1999 calendar year. Which owner/operator is responsible for the submission of the Tier II form for the calendar year 1999? 12/07/1999National
A facility has hydrofluoric acid which the MSDS specifies is a mixture of 50% hydrogen fluoride and 50% water. For purposes of reporting, should the facility report on the hydrofluoric acid mixture or the 50% hydrogen fluoride? 12/07/1999National
A facility purchases non-industrial batteries, and later services the batteries by adding water or sulfuric acid. Are the batteries considered when calculating whether Section 311/312 thresholds have been triggered? 12/07/1999National
A facility sells automobile batteries wholesale. Are these batteries at the wholesaler's facility exempt from reporting under SARA Sections 311/312 due to the household product exemption under Section 311(e)(3)? 12/07/1999National
Ammonia and phosphoric acid are held in tanks. Both chemicals are sold to farmers to be used as fertilizers. They are also blended to produce a fertilizer. Are the chemicals held for blending exempt from the definition of 12/07/1999National
An EHS chemical, Sulfuric Acid, exceeds 500 pounds. Therefore aggregation of Sulfuric Acid containing compounds is required in TRI reporting. In that aggregation, are lab chemicals included or exempted? 10/17/2014National
Are batteries in vehicles reportable under Tier II? Why would this be a concern to emergency responders when more dangerous things are present like fuel tanks? 02/20/2017National
Are lab chemicals reportable under Tier II?And if you have and EHS on-site above the reportable trigger, do you have to aggregate lab chems such as sulfuric acid? 10/30/2014National
Are mining facilities required to notify under Sections 311 and 312? 12/07/1999National
Are there any exemptions for the Cement Manufacturing industry as far as SARA or EPCRA reporting? 05/07/2004National
Can 2 separate Tier IIs be submitted for the same physical address? And does the owner or operator of a non-public storage warehouse have the legal obligation to provide Tier II reporting on materials stored by its customers? 02/18/2016National
Can the report of a mixture not add up to 100%? Many of the SDSs do not since they only report the hazardous materials. 02/18/2016National
Can we claim lead blocks used as dead weight in our operation as an article since we do not modify these blocks in any way? Or, is this otherwise used? 05/20/2003National
Can you discuss batteries and any exclusions from Tier II reporting? 02/20/2017National
Can you provide some guidance on how to satisfy the requirements of the SDS information without revealing the names or CAS numbers of the chemicals we use in our mixtures? 02/18/2016National
Company A owns a facility which manufactures crude oil. The oil is sold to Company B, where it is kept in tanks on Company A's facility, but leased to Company B. Who is subject to reporting? 12/07/1999National
Do hazardous chemicals present in cars, trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles need to be considered for EPCRA Sections 311 and 312 reporting as present in the 02/06/2007National
Do I have to consider naturally occurring toxic chemicals when reporting to TRI? 06/06/2007National
Do you apply the whole weight of an acid mixture toward the threshold reporting under EPCRA Sections 311 and 312 or just the percentage of acid stated on the MSDS? 01/17/2007National
Do you have to include batteries that are used in over the road trucks (tractor trailers) on your Tier II report? 02/20/2017National
Does EPA have any guidance for EPCRA Tier II reporting for tenant leased spaces? Who is responsible for reporting - the building owner or the tenant who has the hazardous chemicals in the leased space? 09/30/2010National
For the purposes of Tier II reporting, if a battery may be purchased on line, wouldn't it be considered available to the public and not "industrial"? 02/20/2017National
For Tier II reporting, what are the threshold amounts for lead acid batteries? 02/20/2017National
For Tier II reports, do I need to include the ammonia used in a refrigeration system (loop) or just the ammonia that is stored in individual cylinders to be used when the system requires additional refrigerant? 02/20/2017National
For TRI, this year calculation shown that facility is under the threshold, do I required to report ? 03/14/2014National
Hi,I am looking for EPCRA 311 and 312 information for all 50 states, particulary for states that do not follow the federal reporting requirements. Do you have this information in a matrix format. Any help would be so very appreciated! Thanks! H 02/12/2010National
How are mixtures handled for Sections 311 and 312 reporting? 12/07/1999National
How do I file an ammended 313 form R for the 2005 reporting year? 02/10/2006National
How is information submitted pursuant to the reporting requirements under EPCRA Section 312 available to the public? 03/02/2005National
I am looking for EPCRA 311 and 312 information for all 50 states, particulary for states that do not follow the federal reporting requirements. Do you have this information in a matrix format? 02/12/2010National
If a facility otherwise uses 9,500 lbs of 1-bromopropane for reporting year 2016, should it be included in the TRI report? 04/26/2017National
If I bring in cases of aerosols, store them and then ship them out to customers, do I need to report them on Tier II report if they meet the hazardous material criteria and we store more than 10,000 pounds? 02/20/2017National
Is a facility that manufactures household products exempt from reporting under Sections 311 and 312 due to the household products exemption in Title III? 12/07/1999National
Is the submission of a Tier II form an acceptable method of reporting a list of hazardous chemicals grouped by hazard category under Section 311 of Title III? 12/07/1999National
Must the facility document the waste management activities associated with the coincidentally manufactured lead compounds on its Form R for lead? 02/15/2005National
Suppose a facility consists of several establishments, some of which have primary SIC codes within the covered SIC codes and some of which have primary SIC codes outside that range. How would this facility determine if it is covered by EPCRA Section 06/27/2006National
The Community Right to Know talks about threshold quantities of storing hazardous substances and material and about the reporting requirements based on these threshold quantities... 08/07/2007National
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