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Questions about Used Oil Management
An employee wishes to take our used oil/coolant mix home to use as fuel to heat his shop. Currently we pay Safety Kleen to remove it and recycle it as fuel. 12/22/2005National
As long as the used oil's flash point is => 140 F, can my spent acetone (used as a degreaser) be disposed of in my onsite oily wastewater treatment facility that has two 30,000 gallon used oil tanks holding used oil sold as on-spec oil? 05/06/2016National
Can soil and absorbent material (<25 gal, no free liquid) from a small used oil spill clean up be sent to a municipal landfill? 08/17/2015National
How do I rebut the presumption that used oil with over 1,000 ppm of halogens is a hazardous waste? 12/07/1999National
How long can I store used oil at my site? 12/07/1999National
I am a used oil marketer and have misplaced the one-time notice from the off-specification used oil burner to which I send my oil. What do I do? 12/07/1999National
I am a used oil processor and am moving my oil storage site from one part of my facility to another. The site will operate in the same way but will be relocated. What are my obligations? 12/07/1999National
I generate used oil at my site, accumulate it, and reprocess it by removing suspended particles and water. Am I a used oil processor? 12/07/1999National
I just found that my transporter is taking my used oil to an off-specification used oil burner. Am I a marketer or not? What do I need to do? 12/07/1999National
Our company occasionally moves small amounts (1-2 drums)of used, non-PCB transformer oil from service centers to a central collection site until a tanker load is accumulated and removed for recycling. 03/22/2005National
Someone is telling me that used oil (stored at a construction site) is regulated under RCRA... 06/14/2006National
We pick up used oil in the following states from a variety of generators in a number of states.What are our requirements for providing a manifest to the customers in those states that we pick up the used oil from? 08/31/2012National
We routinely dispose of used oil absorbents and universal wastes at our facilities in 3 states (IA, AL, and WV). We have Bill of Lading/Manifests for these non-hazardous pick-ups. Do we have to get the signed copy back from the designated facility 03/03/2010National
What are the typical ways that a state might differ in regulation of used oil? 12/07/1999National
What regulations apply to contractors who generate used oil and oil filters while servicing equipment at my site? 12/07/1999National
What test should be conducted on used motor oil before burning in a furnace for heating purposes? 02/17/2004National
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