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Questions about Stormwater-General
Are facilities required to conduct monitoring under USEPA's general permit? 12/07/1999National
Are the 2003 stormwater rules retroactive? I have a several trucking terminals that discharge from pavement through storm drains to streams with no permits. Are we in/out of compliance? 11/24/2003National
Do I have flexibility in preparing the storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and selecting best management practices (BMPs) for my site? 12/07/1999National
Do I need a NPDES permit if my stormwater exposure is only in the parking lot? 12/06/2004National
Do storm water discharges from non-industrial areas (such as employee parking lots) at an industrial facility have to be addressed in the NPDES permit? 12/07/1999National
How do I know which permit conditions apply to me? 12/07/1999National
How many Notices of Intent (NOIs) must I submit? Where and when are they sent? 12/07/1999National
If a project will not be completed before this permit expires, how can I keep permit coverage? 12/07/1999National
Is the SWPPP the same as an SPCC plan? 12/07/1999National
Must every permittee have a separate SWPPP, or is a joint plan allowed? 12/07/1999National
My project will disturb less than 5 acres, but it may be part of a "larger common plan of development or sale." How can I tell what applies to me and what must I do? 12/07/1999National
My question has to do with discharge of steam condensate and SWPPP. 05/17/2004National
Throughout our construction project, we have amended our SWPPP several times. What are our obligations now that we have altered our SWPPP? 11/02/2016National
We recently purchased an existing building, but renovations need to be completed prior to moving into the building. What types of indoor/outdoor activities would trigger the need for a permit? 10/28/2016National
What are "significant materials?" 12/07/1999National
What are the actual numerical effluent guidelines under the NPDES Stormwater Permit for Industrial users, specifically air transportation? 07/23/2003National
What are the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an individual stormwater permit instead of a general permit? 12/07/1999National
What are the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an individual stormwater permit instead of a general permit? 11/07/2007National
What are typical differences between state and federal regulation of storm water? 12/07/1999National
What does the permit require regarding historic preservation? 12/07/1999National
What exactly are best management practices (BMPs)? 12/07/1999National
What exactly is "storm water associated with industrial activity?" 12/07/1999National
What is NPDES? 12/07/1999National
What is the difference between the NPDES construction and industrial general permits? 12/07/1999National
What is the federal requirement for the frequency of stormwater pollution prevention plan required inspections? Is there a state of Ohio requirement? 07/14/2003National
What is the multisector permit? 12/07/1999National
What kind of permit do I need? 12/07/1999National
What must I do to satisfy the permit eligibility requirements related to endangered species? 12/07/1999National
What SIC code should a facility use if there are multiple activities occurring at the site? 12/07/1999National
When can I terminate permit coverage? Can I terminate coverage (i.e., liability for permit compliance) before the entire project is finished? 12/07/1999National
When can you consider future construction on a property to be part of a separate plan of development or sale? 12/07/1999National
Will the 2017 federal construction general stormwater permit change my current requirements? 10/28/2016National
Would a 275 gallon fuel tank used to refuel jockey trucks on site require a storm water permit or is a No Exposure Certificate acceptable? 07/16/2013National
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