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Water - General News
Water - General EPA announces Water Reuse Interagency Working Group 06/17/2022National
Water - General OIG says EPA needs action plan for algal blooms 10/25/2021National
Water - General Navajo Nation sees relief in lawsuit over navigable waters definition 07/06/2021National
Water - General The need to address aging water infrastructure 05/03/2021National
Water - General How are pollution exceptions impacting insurance claims? 03/03/2021National
Water - General Senate Committee approves two big water bills 05/08/2020National
Water - General Baseline reinterpreted to promote water quality trading 09/27/2019National
Water - General EPA forming assistance policy for toxic algal blooms 09/19/2019National
Water - General No need for new hazardous substances spill regs, says EPA 09/13/2019National
Water - General Guidance on modernizing CWA public hearings 06/28/2019National
Water - General EPA acquires views on produced water 05/28/2019National
Water - General Wheeler says water, not climate, is the top priority 04/25/2019National
Water - General State data unlikely to result in expanded SPCC requirements 02/20/2019National
Water - General EPA wants to revive water quality trading 02/19/2019National
Water - General No value in ballast reporting rule, says USCG 05/10/2018National
Water - General Understanding EPA's proposed CWA analytical testing methods 03/10/2015National
Water - General EPA’s water administrator defines water policy priorities 10/21/2014National
Water - General Water resources bill passes Congress 05/29/2014National
Water - General President responds to California's drought 02/27/2014National
Water - General Bristol Bay assessment highlights mining risks 01/27/2014National
Water - General Corps releases nuisance species report 01/24/2014National
Water - General Bay group faults federal contribution 01/14/2014National
Water - General Asian carp can devastate Great Lakes' economy 09/12/2013National
Water - General BSEE revises artificial reef policy 07/19/2013National
Water - General Supreme Court affirms state water sovereignty 06/14/2013National
Water - General Pebble Mine assessment highlights risks 05/07/2013National
Water - General State water rights case to Supreme Court 01/10/2013National
Water - General Colorado River states face water imbalances 01/08/2013National
Water - General U.S. headed toward unsustainable water use 01/03/2013National
Water - General Benefits of Public-Private Partnerships 12/12/2012National
Water - General Pebble mine would stress salmon 11/28/2012National
Water - General What can municipalities do to promote clean water? 10/16/2012National
Water - General Innovation and partnership: keys to a smarter water future 10/15/2012National
Water - General U.S. proposes preservation of Ross Sea 09/24/2012National
Water - General WEFTEC 2012 is Just Two Weeks Away! 09/16/2012National
Water - General Getting ready for WEFTEC 2012! 09/11/2012National
Water - General Bay: Nutrient trading could reduce costs 08/02/2012National