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Chemicals News
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Chemicals EPA proposes protection for workers exposed to toxic solvent n-methylpyrrolidone 07/02/2024National
Chemicals A closer look at RMP for chemicals in transit 06/13/2024National
Chemicals EPA issues guidance on the safe destruction and disposal of PFAS 06/06/2024National
Chemicals Most Misunderstood Regulations: PFOA and PFOS: CERCLA hazardous substances 05/31/2024National
Chemicals Appeals court rules EPA went too far in PFAS order 04/15/2024National
Chemicals EPA releases 2022 Toxics Release Inventory data 04/05/2024National
Chemicals EPA issues another TSCA test order for PFAS 04/01/2024National
Chemicals Most Misunderstood Regulations: Chemical manufacturer fined for alleged CAA, EPCRA, and CERCLA violations 03/01/2024National
Chemicals EPA proposes two new regulations to address PFAS contamination 02/07/2024National
Chemicals 2024 predicted to see continued rise in PFAS litigation 02/02/2024National
Chemicals Mixed messages for U.S. semiconductor industry 01/10/2024National
Chemicals Ohio DuPont settlement 01/09/2024National
Chemicals Most Misunderstood Regulations: EPA takes TSCA action over PFAS in plastic containers 01/02/2024National
Chemicals California OEHHA proposes changes to controversial Prop 65 warnings 12/01/2023National
Chemicals PFAS final data reporting regulations 11/08/2023National
Chemicals Top three chemicals involved in accidents 10/26/2023National
Chemicals EPA must improve benzene fenceline monitoring enforcement 09/18/2023National
Chemicals TSCA and TRI complexities with the increased focus on PFAS 08/09/2023National
Chemicals EPA proposes new restrictions on carbon tetrachloride 07/26/2023National
Chemicals EPA proposes ban on most uses of perchloroethylene 07/05/2023National
Chemicals 2021 TRI analysis released 04/10/2023National
Chemicals EPA updates SCIL list 02/08/2023National
Chemicals PFAS expanded reporting requirements and bans in 2023 02/06/2023National
Chemicals TCEQ compelled to release ethylene oxide assessment info 01/09/2023National
Chemicals EPA adds 12 chemicals to TRI 12/22/2022National
Chemicals OMB says EPA proposed rule to designate PFAS as hazardous will be costly 09/21/2022National
Chemicals EPA proposes PFOA and PFOS designation as hazardous substances 09/14/2022National
Chemicals Changes to the EPA's Safer Chemicals Ingredients List 09/07/2022National
Chemicals New SNUR requirements will better protect worker health 09/06/2022National
Chemicals DINP proposed as future TRI chemical 08/25/2022National
Chemicals EPA continues PFAS crackdown 08/01/2022National
Chemicals Expert Tip: Hazardous chemicals—Don’t forget the General Duty Clause 08/01/2022National
Chemicals Hazardous chemical compliance in storage and distribution facilities 02/28/2022National
Chemicals Safety data sheet access 02/28/2022National
Chemicals Proposition 65 changes on the horizon 01/21/2021National
Chemicals EPA's final risk assessment on carbon tetrachloride 11/16/2020National
Chemicals EPA acts to prevent COVID-19 protection scams 10/21/2020National
Chemicals EPA to study incineration of PFAS waste 08/27/2020National
Chemicals Tear gas impacts 08/18/2020National
Chemicals What are we drinking? PFAS are a persistent problem 08/10/2020National