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GHG Management News
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GHG Management Final rule issued to cut methane emissions, strengthen GHG reporting for oil and gas industry 05/15/2024National
GHG Management EPA annual GHG Inventory report 05/13/2024National
GHG Management The battle continues over SEC climate risk disclosure regs 05/01/2024National
GHG Management New York's cap-and-invest program and GHG reporting requirements 04/11/2024National
GHG Management The Biden administration's final new auto emissions standards—Finding the sweet spot 03/27/2024National
GHG Management California climate disclosure laws challenged in federal court 03/25/2024National
GHG Management Auto dealers urge EPA to hit the brakes on stricter emissions rules 02/14/2024National
GHG Management SCOTUS declines review of EPA endangerment finding 01/17/2024National
GHG Management Louisiana granted federal primacy in CCS permitting 01/12/2024National
GHG Management D.C. Circuit pauses forced truck electrification lawsuit 01/08/2024National
GHG Management Legal battles ahead for social cost of GHG emissions 12/04/2023National
GHG Management EPA unveils its $3 billion Clean Ports Program 11/29/2023National
GHG Management EPA releases 2022 GHG data 11/15/2023National
GHG Management Feds heat up climate enforcement 11/09/2023National
GHG Management California mandates emissions disclosures from companies 11/02/2023National
GHG Management Proposed reg changes may double methane reporting 10/18/2023National
GHG Management Most Misunderstood Regulations: The reality of cutting GHG emissions by pushing EVs 09/01/2023National
GHG Management The reality of cutting GHG emissions by pushing EVs 08/25/2023National
GHG Management Doing business in CA may require mandatory GHG emissions reporting 08/23/2023National
GHG Management DTE moves up transition to clean energy 08/22/2023National
GHG Management EPA and DOE announce $1.5 billion in funding for methane emissions reduction 08/07/2023National
GHG Management Major pushback on the EPA's Phase 3 truck rule 06/21/2023National
GHG Management EPA proposes new carbon pollution standards 05/25/2023National
GHG Management Washington state's cap-and-invest program 04/03/2023National
GHG Management California GHG emissions regulations waiver under fire 03/31/2023National
GHG Management Biden's transportation decarbonization blueprint 02/27/2023National
GHG Management Biden administration's guidance on climate change and environmental justice 02/10/2023National
GHG Management COP27 news, agreements, and future implications 12/30/2022National
GHG Management Proposed climate disclosures for federal contractors 12/19/2022National
GHG Management New methodology estimating the social cost of GHG emissions 12/16/2022National
GHG Management More stringent heavy-duty emissions standards on the way 12/09/2022National
GHG Management The fuss over cap-and-trade programs—Is it a fee or a tax? 12/02/2022National
GHG Management Public invited to comment on IRA programs 11/22/2022National
GHG Management Climate change insurance defense coverage up in the air 11/17/2022National
GHG Management California and carbon capture 11/15/2022National
GHG Management Kigali Amendment for HFC emissions gets Senate approval 10/24/2022National
GHG Management SEC and EPA—Climate disclosure regs and programs 10/14/2022National
GHG Management Carbon capture, storage, and repurposing 09/29/2022National
GHG Management What does the IRA mean for climate change regulations? 09/19/2022National
GHG Management California takes critical step to eliminate new gas car sales 09/16/2022National