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GHG Management News
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GHG Management COP24 ends with Paris rulebook 12/21/2018National
GHG Management New power plant proposal seeks to reverse coal’s fortunes 12/10/2018National
GHG Management Oregon’s GHG program found discriminatory—In the proper way 09/24/2018National
GHG Management U.N. secretary hits climate panic button 09/12/2018National
GHG Management MA Supreme Court affirms GHG regs for power sector 09/07/2018National
GHG Management Proposed CPP replacement focuses on individual plants 08/21/2018National
GHG Management Exxon losing ground in climate disclosure case 04/18/2018National
GHG Management NJ governor reverses Christie’s climate policies 02/05/2018National
GHG Management More CPP hearings and more comments from the Senate 01/19/2018National
GHG Management Exxon commits to climate disclosure 12/19/2017National
GHG Management Climate conference urges more action 11/22/2017National
GHG Management Western AGs defend BLM’s 2016 methane rule 11/13/2017National
GHG Management CPP repeal wrong on costs and benefits, say Dems 11/06/2017National
GHG Management White House shows little interest in climate science report 11/06/2017National
GHG Management Alaska—‘ground zero’ for climate change, says governor 11/03/2017National
GHG Management GAO reports on nationwide cost of climate change 10/26/2017National
GHG Management AGs will fight CPP repeal 10/16/2017National
GHG Management It’s official—EPA proposes repeal of CPP 10/10/2017National
GHG Management FERC cannot foresee climate impact of Southeast gas pipeline 10/03/2017National
GHG Management Bay Area cities sue oil companies for climate fund 09/25/2017National
GHG Management Study questions climate change/Syrian war link 09/14/2017National
GHG Management Forest GHG offset program working in California 08/18/2017National
GHG Management G20 leaders unmoved by Trump’s Paris withdrawal 07/17/2017National
GHG Management Democrats object to DOT’s delay of GHG performance measure 07/10/2017National
GHG Management Survey shows strong city responses to climate change 07/05/2017National
GHG Management Energy companies support carbon tax 06/26/2017National
GHG Management USGS news release erases climate change reference 05/24/2017National
GHG Management Virginia’s governor orders cap-and-trade GHG regulation 05/21/2017National
GHG Management World waits for Trump’s call on Paris 05/19/2017National
GHG Management CPP Rule case now in abeyance 05/01/2017National
GHG Management Agencies may still need to consider climate change 04/26/2017National
GHG Management Pruitt quizzed on conflict-of-interest 04/24/2017National
GHG Management California’s cap-and-trade auction not a tax 04/11/2017National
GHG Management D.C. Circuit asked to freeze CPP case 04/07/2017National
GHG Management Reviews of GHG rules announced in FR 04/06/2017National
GHG Management Trump announces reevaluation of Clean Power Plan 03/28/2017National
GHG Management Pruitt and NOAA disagree on climate 03/16/2017National
GHG Management Famous Republicans push carbon tax 02/27/2017National
GHG Management EHS on Tap: E10: The Clean Power Plan: What the D.C. Circuit Court's Recent Hearing Means for Clean Air 10/14/2016National
GHG Management GHG reports: Deadlines and what's down the road 02/22/2016National