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Energy Coal export project loses again in court 04/11/2019National
Energy Customized audit program offered to new O&G owners 04/02/2019National
Energy DOE seeks to void expansion of lightbulb definition 02/18/2019National
Energy Coal is not rebounding, reports EIA 02/06/2019National
Energy DOE’s initiative for advanced coal-fired power plant 01/28/2019National
Energy Small refinery waiver complicates RFS 12/05/2018National
Energy U.S. judge vacates Keystone approval 11/14/2018National
Energy BLM completes revision of O&G waste prevention rule 09/26/2018National
Energy Interest in dry cooling is growing at power plants 08/31/2018National
Energy Little impact on grid reliability from Texas coal plant closures 07/06/2018National
Energy BLM seeks to revise O&G flaring rule 02/23/2018National
Energy Trump approves tariffs on solar cells 01/25/2018National
Energy NYC to divest $5 billion from fossil fuel companies 01/23/2018National
Energy Some Republicans oppose offshore drilling proposal 01/17/2018National
Energy Trump to decide on solar cell tariff 01/16/2018National
Energy FERC rejects DOE’s grid resiliency proposal 01/11/2018National
Energy DOI seeks to open almost all OCS to energy leasing 01/10/2018National
Energy The role of mining in infrastructure’s future 01/09/2018National
Energy BLM rescinds Obama-era fracking rule 01/05/2018National
Energy Tax act opens ANWR’s coastal plain to drilling 01/02/2018National
Energy Renewable energy tax credits survive in Jobs Act 12/28/2017National
Energy EPA complies with nonexistent RFS clause 12/14/2017National
Energy O&G companies announce voluntary methane partnership 12/11/2017National
Energy New renewable fuel standards get mixed reception 12/04/2017National
Energy Senate committee passes ANWR O&G bill 11/21/2017National
Energy Commerce seeks to protect domestic biodiesel 11/20/2017National
Energy DOI issues report on energy burdens 11/01/2017National
Energy Manufacturing shifts improve U.S. energy intensity 10/24/2017National
Energy Pruitt says RFS volumes will not be cut 10/23/2017National
Energy Senators urge increases in biodiesel volumes 10/19/2017National
Energy Cape Wind Project refuses to die 10/10/2017National
Energy Judge vacates BLM’s postponement of methane rule 10/09/2017National
Energy EPA considering further BBD reductions under RFS 10/05/2017National
Energy 10th Circuit says fracking case is not ripe 09/28/2017National
Energy Murray Energy calls for permitting changes 09/19/2017National
Energy Report pins $1 trillion price tag on New York’s energy standard 09/11/2017National
Energy Harvey’s impact on O&G prices 09/07/2017National
Energy BLM proposes to rescind federal lands hydraulic fracturing rule 09/06/2017National
Energy Emergency order not likely for coal power plants 08/28/2017National
Energy Court limits EPA’s waiver authority on renewable fuels 08/04/2017National