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Mobile Sources No objections—yet—to EPA’s cleaner truck plan 11/15/2018National
Mobile Sources Industry leaders oppose rollback in vehicle standards 10/31/2018National
Mobile Sources California objects to federal vehicle proposal 10/08/2018National
Mobile Sources EPA/NHTSA proposal would roll back California GHG emissions standards 08/07/2018National
Mobile Sources EPA faces two suits over delay of glider enforcement 07/23/2018National
Mobile Sources EPA now says vehicle GHG standards are too stringent 04/04/2018National
Mobile Sources Strong performance reported for automakers 01/18/2018National
Mobile Sources EPA moves to amend big-rig standards 11/15/2017National
Mobile Sources Pruitt will revisit provisions of heavy-duty truck rule 08/24/2017National
Mobile Sources Vehicle midterm evaluation now under reconsideration 08/16/2017National
Mobile Sources Michigan rep seeks to preserve vehicle lab 05/11/2017National
Mobile Sources Stricter federal locomotive standards needed, says California 04/20/2017National
Mobile Sources ICCT predicts lower costs for vehicle efficiency improvements 03/28/2017National
Mobile Sources EPA will reconsider vehicle GHG evaluation 03/21/2017National
Mobile Sources Automakers seek withdrawal of EPA’s midterm evaluation 02/23/2017National
Mobile Sources No reason to change vehicle standards, says EPA 01/23/2017National
Mobile Sources Fuel/emissions standards issued for passenger vehicles 03/06/2014National
Mobile Sources Truck emissions rule vacated with 'no harm' 01/03/2014National
Mobile Sources Cruise company will install advanced emissions controls 09/17/2013National
Mobile Sources EPA to revise mpg estimating process 08/28/2013National
Mobile Sources AGs ask EPA to speed up tailpipe rule 07/28/2013National
Mobile Sources Nonconformance penalty for diesel engines 09/06/2012National
Mobile Sources Disagreements over costs for 2025 vehicle standards 08/30/2012National