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Environment - General Wheeler orders revisions to EPA cost-benefit process 05/23/2019National
Environment - General A no-surprises approach to EPA/state enforcement 05/22/2019National
Community Right to Know TRI Reports: Avoid seemingly small but costly mistakes 05/21/2019National
Pesticides Agency to refine endangered species pesticide assessments 05/20/2019National
Environment - General Small refinery exemptions hobble renewable fuels program 05/17/2019National
Hazardous Air Pollutants EEI says the MATS provides certainty 05/15/2019National
Landfills EPA ordered to meet deadlines for state landfill plans 05/13/2019National
Toxic Substances Control Act Substantiation required for TSCA reverse engineering claims 05/06/2019National
RCRA Regulatory revision not needed for O&G waste, says EPA 05/03/2019National
Pesticides EPA proposes to reregister glyphosate 05/02/2019National
Groundwater EPA recommends PFAS levels for groundwater 05/01/2019National
Solid Waste EPA’s disaster debris guide emphasizes planning 04/29/2019National
Environment - General Energy-water nexus stifled by inefficiency 04/26/2019National
Water - General Wheeler says water, not climate, is the top priority 04/25/2019National
NPDES EPA issues interpretive statement ahead of NPDES groundwater case 04/24/2019National
Asbestos EPA will review new uses of asbestos 04/22/2019National
Air - General EPA clarifies incinerator rules 04/19/2019National
CERCLA/Superfund Company that sold contaminated property found liable as CERCLA arranger 04/17/2019National
Effluent Limitations EO aims to expedite energy infrastructure projects 04/16/2019National
Toxic Substances Control Act EPA proposes review plan for TSCA CBI 04/15/2019National
Community Right to Know EPA inspectors report TRI data errors for POTWs 04/12/2019National
Environment - General Coal export project loses again in court 04/11/2019National
Environment - General Climate change—Can cities make a difference? 04/10/2019National
Air Permitting Air Emissions Reports: Check your state’s requirements and deadlines (Map) 04/08/2019National
Hazardous Waste Determination Updates proposed for RCRA ignitability testing 04/04/2019National
Environment - General Customized audit program offered to new O&G owners 04/02/2019National
Air - General Science committee says PM-2.5 report is riddled with flaws 04/01/2019National
Environment - General Second district judge upholds EPA’s science directive 03/29/2019National
Chemicals Michigan to propose MCLs for PFAS this fall 03/28/2019National
Drinking Water EPA issues guidance for water revolving fund applications 03/27/2019National
Air Permitting What did you emit? 03/26/2019National
Toxic Substances Control Act Worker advocates dissatisfied with EPA’s safety actions 03/26/2019National
Toxic Substances Control Act First mercury inventory reports due July 1, 2019 03/21/2019National
Hazardous Air Pollutants MATS support grows in Senate 03/20/2019National
RCRA 7th Circuit clarifies ‘imminent and substantial harm’ under RCRA 03/19/2019National
Air - General Reauthorization likely for diesel emissions funding 03/18/2019National
Pesticides President signs pesticide registration bill 03/15/2019National
Fuels and Fuel Additives EPA proposes approving E15 for summer use 03/14/2019National
Environment - General President seeks 31 percent cut in EPA’s budget 03/13/2019National
Air - General Auto performance trending upward 03/08/2019National