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Risk Management Hazardous chemicals—Don’t forget the General Duty Clause 08/22/2019National
Solid Waste EPA proposes further relaxation of CCR rule 08/19/2019National
Environment - General Administration issues amendments to modernize ESA regulations 08/16/2019National
Pesticides EPA says glyphosate cancer warning is misbranding 08/14/2019National
Hazardous Air Pollutants EPA proposes more CAA flexibility for landfill operators 08/12/2019National
Air - General EPA starts rulemaking on NSR streamlining 08/12/2019National
Chemicals Definition of 'green chemistry' remains elusive 08/09/2019National
GHG Management EPA proposes reduced GHG standards for automakers 08/08/2019National
GHG Management Climate considerations mostly absent from NEPA draft guidance 08/05/2019National
CERCLA/Superfund Financial responsibility rule not mandated for hard-rock mining 08/02/2019National
Environment - General First part of tire crumb study released 07/31/2019National
Environment - General Final policy issued on EPA-state enforcement partnering 07/29/2019National
Toxic Substances Control Act EPA ends chemical CBI notification policy 07/26/2019National
Environment - General Objective science takes on new meaning at EPA 07/24/2019National
Asbestos AGs sue to get asbestos reporting rule 07/23/2019National
Enforcement Enforcement ... It Begins and Ends with Your Permit 07/23/2019National
Fuels and Fuel Additives Broad dissatisfaction with proposed RFS obligations 07/22/2019National
Wetlands Farmers are captive audience to WOTUS rulemaking 07/19/2019National
Effluent Limitations EPA affirms zero discharge for unconventional O&G facilities 07/17/2019National
Stormwater-Industrial Facilities Monitoring and training: Perennial stormwater stumbling blocks 07/15/2019National
Solid Waste Financial responsibility rule not needed for power companies, says EPA 07/12/2019National
Air - General D.C. Circuit upholds EPA’s air monitoring rule 07/10/2019National
Environment - General EPA issues nondiscretionary FOIA revisions 07/08/2019National
Air - General Major sources can reclassify under EPA proposal 07/02/2019National
Lead EPA acts to lower children’s exposure to lead dust 07/01/2019National
Water - General Guidance on modernizing CWA public hearings 06/28/2019National
Fuels and Fuel Additives Renewable fuels have small impact on GHGs 06/25/2019National
Hazardous Waste Determination You Haven’t Determined if Your Waste Is Hazardous? That Could Be Costly 06/24/2019National
Environment - General States in driver’s seat under Affordable Clean Energy Rule 06/20/2019National
Hazardous Air Pollutants CSB urges action on hydrofluoric acid at refineries 06/19/2019National
Effluent Limitations Speeding up the CWA state certification process 06/17/2019National
Environment - General Should climate be a factor in NEPA reviews? 06/12/2019National
EPCRA Air emissions from animal waste exempted from EPCRA reporting 06/10/2019National
Fuels and Fuel Additives E15 approved for summer sale 06/06/2019National
Air - General EPA lawfully denied petition to expand OTR 06/04/2019National
Drinking Water EPA proposes drinking water limit for perchlorate 05/30/2019National
Water - General EPA acquires views on produced water 05/28/2019National
Community Right to Know Infographic: TRI Reporting Essentials 05/28/2019National
Environment - General Wheeler orders revisions to EPA cost-benefit process 05/23/2019National
Environment - General A no-surprises approach to EPA/state enforcement 05/22/2019National