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Pesticides News
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Pesticides Is 9th Circuit’s ruling on chlorpyrifos the last word? 08/15/2018National
Pesticides Oregon’s pesticide worker rules exceed EPA’s 07/09/2018National
Pesticides EPA updates guidance on TSCA Section 5 submissions 06/22/2018National
Pesticides EPA concedes on pesticide training materials 06/20/2018National
Pesticides AGs sue EPA over delay in agricultural worker rule 06/01/2018National
Pesticides Pesticide relief in Farm Bill 04/20/2018National
Pesticides EPA issues draft on nonanimal testing of chemicals 04/13/2018National
Pesticides Emergency exception approved for methyl bromide 03/02/2018National
Pesticides Field trials for seed treatment can be reduced 02/08/2018National
Pesticides Glyphosate not a carcinogen, EPA concludes 12/26/2017National
Pesticides EPA plans amendments to agricultural WPS 12/21/2017National
Pesticides What you need to know about the Certification of Pesticide Applicators rule 12/05/2017National
Pesticides Dicamba manufacturers agree to label changes 10/18/2017National
Pesticides New guidance issued on pesticide resistance 09/29/2017National
Pesticides Guidance issued for minor changes to pesticide registrations 09/21/2017National
Pesticides Children at risk from agricultural sulfur 08/28/2017National
Pesticides What You Need to Know About the New Worker Protection Standard (WPS) 08/21/2017National
Pesticides 9th Circuit upholds EPA’s delay of chlorpyrifos decision 07/27/2017National
Pesticides EPA’s chlorpyrifos decision making waves 06/30/2017National
Pesticides AGs object to EPA’s chlorpyrifos order 06/12/2017National
Pesticides House votes to scrap Pesticide General Permit 05/30/2017National
Pesticides EPA reverses position on chlorpyrifos 04/03/2017National
Pesticides Farm group asks for 1-year delay of pesticide rule 01/05/2017National
Pesticides Approval ended for 72 inert pesticide ingredients 12/30/2016National
Pesticides EPA’s revised pesticide rule follows state lead 12/23/2016National
Pesticides 9th Circuit rules against local pesticide regs 12/02/2016National
Pesticides Pesticide general permit reissued 11/03/2016National
Pesticides Sulfoxaflor cancellation lifted 10/24/2016National
Pesticides EPA advises smaller aerial doses of malathion 09/23/2016National
Pesticides Required training under the agricultural worker standards 08/26/2016National
Pesticides President forms pollinator task force 06/30/2014National
Pesticides EPA launches Web-based pesticide labeling 04/15/2014National
Pesticides Protecting migratory birds from pesticides 03/03/2014National
Pesticides Revisions proposed for farmworker protection 02/24/2014National
Pesticides Compensation for pesticide data 02/20/2014National
Pesticides Modeling pesticide spray drift 02/13/2014National
Pesticides 9th Circuit blocks registration of nanosilver 11/13/2013National
Pesticides Bee protection language for pesticide labels 08/30/2013National
Pesticides 2006 pesticide exemption erased from CFR 07/08/2013National
Pesticides Second endocrine disruptor screening list published 07/02/2013National