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CERCLA/Superfund News
CERCLA/Superfund EPA updates Phase 1 environmental site assessments rules 01/16/2023National
CERCLA/Superfund EPA won't require industry insurance for pollution cleanups 12/04/2020National
CERCLA/Superfund Financial responsibility rule not mandated for hard-rock mining 08/02/2019National
CERCLA/Superfund Company that sold contaminated property found liable as CERCLA arranger 04/17/2019National
CERCLA/Superfund A fresh approach to brownfields redevelopment 06/30/2017National
CERCLA/Superfund 9/11 attacks meet CERCLA act-of-war defense 07/18/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund 2005 AAI standard heading for exit 06/23/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund Supreme Court limits CERCLA preemption 06/11/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund 7th Circuit rejects CERCLA citizen suit 06/04/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund One cleanup payment sufficient under CERCLA 04/01/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund Bill would strengthen state CERCLA authority 01/17/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund Supreme Court to rule on CERCLA preemption 01/16/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund EPA adds revised AAI standard to regs 01/02/2014National
CERCLA/Superfund New York entitled to cost recovery for 'removal 11/01/2013National
CERCLA/Superfund EPA references revised AAI process 08/27/2013National
CERCLA/Superfund Complex ruling covers aspects of CERCLA 04/19/2013National
CERCLA/Superfund Insurance company loses CERCLA case 03/29/2013National
CERCLA/Superfund Expert testimony in CERCLA case 02/26/2013National
CERCLA/Superfund Assessing vapor intrusion at Superfund sites 02/11/2013National
CERCLA/Superfund 2,334 federal hazardous substance sites 11/14/2012National
CERCLA/Superfund EPA seeks to shorten negotiation process in Superfund cases 11/12/2012National
CERCLA/Superfund New brownfields grants for Region 6 08/06/2012National