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Environment - General Growing support for Biden to declare climate emergency 05/18/2022National
Environment - General Congressional lack of funding continues to jeopardize EPA operations 05/16/2022National
Recycling California probes plastic pollution 05/13/2022National
Drinking Water News EPA announces three-prong attack on PFAS in water 05/11/2022National
GHG Management EPA denies petitions challenging 2009 GHG endangerment findings 05/09/2022National
GHG Management 29th annual greenhouse gas emissions report 05/06/2022National
Environment - General NEPA rule resurrected 05/04/2022National
Pesticides Can sustainable agriculture and the Endangered Species Act work together? 05/02/2022National
Audits Compliance Tip: Environmental audit violation disclosure 05/02/2022National
Hazardous Waste Generators Expert Tip: Hazardous waste generators 05/02/2022National
Lead Most Misunderstood Regulations: Avoiding lead paint renovation fines 05/02/2022National
Enforcement EPA investigates civil rights violations allegations against LDEQ 04/28/2022National
Manifests Proposed e-Manifest changes 04/26/2022National
Hazardous Substance Storage Proposal requires FRPs for hazardous substances 04/22/2022National
Water Permitting SCOTUS restores Trump-era water rule … for now 04/20/2022National
Asbestos Final death knell for asbestos? 04/18/2022National
Air - General EPA plan to reduce interstate NOx transport 04/14/2022National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/11/2022National
Drinking Water Perchlorate to remain unregulated in drinking water 04/08/2022National
Title V EPA proposes removing emergency affirmative defense 04/06/2022National
Audits EPA's Audit Policy—Penalty mitigation 04/01/2022National
Underground Storage Tanks Understanding UST obligations 04/01/2022National
Air - General ‘Federal Good Neighbor Plan’ proposed to reduce downwind smog 03/23/2022National
GHG Management SEC proposes enhanced and standardized climate risk reporting 03/23/2022National
GHG Management California allowed to move ahead with tougher vehicle emissions standards 03/21/2022National
GHG Management States challenge EPA over tougher emissions standards 03/18/2022National
Chemicals EPA announces 2020 TRI data and new analysis tools 03/16/2022National
GHG Management USPS fleet purchasing decision draws criticism 03/14/2022National
Environment - General EPA acts to involve scientific review sooner 03/11/2022National
Chemicals Updated mercury reporting tool 03/09/2022National
Pesticides EPA announces new actions to comply with Endangered Species Act 03/07/2022National
Hazardous Waste Generators Generator identification of hazardous waste 02/28/2022National
Chemicals Hazardous chemical compliance in storage and distribution facilities 02/28/2022National
Chemicals Safety data sheet access 02/28/2022National
GHG Management Biden launches clean manufacturing initiative 02/25/2022National
Air - General EPA 2021 power plant emissions data 02/23/2022National
Wetlands The ongoing saga of redefining WOTUS 02/21/2022National
Air - General Environmental groups demand regional haze SIPs 02/18/2022National
GHG Management California poised to adopt stricter GHG reporting regulations 02/16/2022National
Air - General Texas takes EPA to court again over nonattainment designation 02/14/2022National