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December 07, 2012
Environmental Daily Advisor Week in Review--December 3, 2012, to December 7, 2012

This week, the Environmental Daily Advisor discussed handling environmental emergencies, used oil mixtures, and pipelinegas-- waste or not.
Here’s the Environmental Daily Advisor week in review.

Don't discount the press after an environmental emergency-- One of your biggest headache could be the press when there is a worst-case scenario at your facility. Here's some advice on conducting interviews.

Managing the message after an environmental crisis--Here’s some help with media damage control during a crisis.

What you need to know about mixtures of used oil--The used oil management regulations set forth specific rules regarding the management of used oil that is mixed with a hazardous waste. Did you know … ?

Mixed up about mixtures?- Here are some of EPA’s FAQs on the used oil mixture rule.

Pipeline Gas-- Waste or Nonwaste?-- RCRA explicitly includes contained gaseous material in its definition of solid waste; and for many years, the EPA has interpreted that phrase to mean “gaseous material in a container.”

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