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January 25, 2013
Environmental Daily Advisor Week in Review--January 14, 2013, to January 18, 2013
By Kimberly Ryan, Boss

Last week, the Environmental Daily Advisor discussed air requirements for the pulp and paper industry, enforcement under the Clean Water Act, and recent EPA enforcement actions.
Here’s the Environmental Daily Advisor week in review.

NESHAP Change for Pulp and Paper--There are two recent regulatory developments affecting the air emissions requirements of the pulp and paper industry that you need to know about. Here is a brief discussion of NESHAP requirements.

New NSPS Revisions for Pulp and Paper--Two new regulatory developments have come down the pipe that affects the air emissions requirements of the pulp and paper industry. Here is a brief discussion of NSPS requirements.

$177,500 for Wetlands Violations in WV --EPA has entered into a Clean Water Act (CWA) administrative consent agreement and final order (CAFO) with a gas extraction facility in northern West Virginia. The settlement requires the company to pay a penalty of $177,500. Also, the company is restoring and/or completing mitigation projects at four sites pursuant to three separate CWA administrative orders incorporated into the CAFO.

Tips to Understanding CWA Enforcement--Some CWA violations have steep penalties. For example, violations of dredging and fill permits from the US Corps of Engineers can be up to $25,000 per day, per violation!

$300k fine for No Air Permit – January 2013 Enforcement Wrap-Up--Oil companies and manufacturers were on EPA’s radar this month. Here’s a summary of where EPA inspectors have been and what they’ve been up to around the country.

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