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September 07, 2012
Environmental Daily Advisor Week in Review--September 3, 2012, to September 7, 2012

This week, the Environmental Daily Advisor discussed EHS business value, hazardous waste containers, and training requirements for the O&G sector.
Here’s the Environmental Daily Advisor week in review.

Environmental Daily Advisor's Top Articles -- Check out this list of the top 10 most popular Environmental Daily Advisor issues of 2012 so far.

How to Get More $$ for Your EHS Program --In tough times it’s the EHS program activities that get cut first. Maybe that’s because of a lack of understanding of the importance of EHS on the C-suite level.

Do You Know the Basics about Hazardous Waste Container Management?-- Test your knowledge of hazardous waste container requirements. Note: these are the federal requirements--your state may have more stringent container regulations.

What Does 'RCRA-Empty' Mean?-- Many folks working with hazardous waste get confused about what exactly "RCRA-empy" means when it comes to containers.

Basic Training Requirements for O&G Workers-- OSHA's got a long list of standards just for the oil and gas industry--and this includes training requirements. Because of the specific hazards involved with the O&G industry there are many areas you’ve got to cover with your workers. Here are the standouts.

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