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August 03, 2012
Leaks at plastics facilities

A worldwide plastics producer and its subsidiary recently agreed to pay an approximately $1 million civil penalty and improve leak detection and repair practices to settle alleged CAA violations at its chemical manufacturing facilities in Mt. Vernon, Indiana, and Burkville, Alabama.

The company allegedly failed to monitor and repair leaking equipment, demonstrate compliance with regulations applicable to chemical plants, and report known violations to the EPA.

In addition to paying the penalty, the company will implement a comprehensive program to reduce emissions of HAPs from leaking equipment such as valves and pumps.

The program also requires the replacement of valves with new “low emissions” valves or valve packing material and other emissions controls at an estimated cost of $4 million. The company will also invest an additional $1.3 million to control HAP emissions from certain process vents as a supplemental environmental project.

INFO: Contact EPA’s Stacy Kika at 202-564-0906.

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