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August 20, 2013
Compliance tip: What's a Form R?
By Clare Condon, Managing Editor

Unfortunately, that was a question a facility manager asked when an EPA inspector came knocking on the door. Everard Ashworth, QEP and Bart Leininger, PE, of the Ashworth Leininger Group related this and other stories during a BLR webinar: Surviving an Environmental Agency Inspection—How to Prepare and What to Expect.

Leininger also told of a facility manager who had prepared for what was supposed to be a targeted inspection (i.e., for a specific issue such as air or hazardous waste) but it turned into a multi-media inspection. The facility ended up with a large fine, primarily because the facility officials did not know the inspection process.
Ashworth and Leininger offered for preparing for, participating in, and following up with an Agency inspection. Their tips for preparing for an inspection include:

  • Agencies typically follow procedures and protocols to assure inspections meet internal requirements. Become familiar with these procedures and protocols.
  • Facilities must grant access to Agency staff for inspections. Train your employees about inspections. Ashworth related instances when The Agency officials were denied access. How many ways can you say “BIG problem!”
  • Agency access is not unfettered. Agency staff must follow company procedures, e.g., safety requirements.

BLR has archived the Surviving an Environmental Agency Inspection webinar. Click here for access to the CD version.

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