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February 24, 2016
Delaware's TRI releases increase in 2014

Delaware ranked 7th among states and U.S. territories in toxic releases according to Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) data. The 57 Delaware facilities that filed 208 reports for 2013 showed a total of 6,077,932 pounds (lb) in on-site and off-site disposal or other releases, a decrease from the state’s 2013 totals.

On-site disposal or other releases totaled 3,754,104 lb in 2014, which is a decrease from 2013, but off-site totals increased to 2,323,827 lb.  The highest amount of disposal or other releases was 2,931,067 lb to on-site surface water discharges followed by 2,208,474 lb to off-site landfills.

The top five chemicals released by Delaware facilities in 2014 were:

  • Nitrate compounds: 2,911,359 lb
  • Manganese compounds: 1,650,759 lb
  • Sulfuric acid: 298,445 lb
  • Carbonyl sulfide: 225,270 lb
  • Asbestos (friable): 166,240 lb

Delaware facilities recycled 11,636,106 lb of materials on-site, and 7,384,097 lb were sent off-site for recycling. Energy recovery efforts included 15,930,970 lb recovered on-site and 2,005,555 lb of chemicals recovered off-site. In other waste management activities, 470,213,664 lb of toxic chemicals were treated on-site, and 1,191,416 lb were sent off-site for treatment.

INFO:  Contact DNREC’s Debra Nielsen at Debra.Nielsen@state.de.us or by phone at 302-739-9431.

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