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April 08, 2019
Air Emissions Reports: Check your state’s requirements and deadlines (Map)

The deadlines to submit air emissions inventory reports vary by jurisdiction, ranging from early February through July.  Do you know your state’s reporting deadline?

To help your company comply with air emissions reporting requirements, BLR has created this interactive map to direct you to your state’s emissions reporting and fee requirements, along with appropriate contact information.



(Click on your state to view requirements)

More information on air emissions reporting

Most states require permitted sources to submit some form of report detailing the source’s actual emissions of air pollutants during the previous calendar year.  Each state’s report is unique in terms of content, pollutants reported, de minimis levels, and methods of submittal. 

Emissions inventory reports are often used as the basis for emissions fees.  Again, this varies from state to state, so be aware that payment of a fee may be required and know when that payment is due.

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