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Closure/Post-Closure Plans
National Summary
When a hazardous waste facility or portion of the facility (such as one landfill cell) is no longer going to be used for treatment, storage, or disposal, the facility must be closed. The purpose of closure is to ensure that a specific unit or facility will not pose a future threat to human health or the environment after the treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF) closes. Closure requires that the facility be properly taken out of operation in compliance with a preapproved closure plan. There are two types of closure: (1) closure by removal or decontamination of the hazardous waste (referred to as "clean closure") or (2) closure with the waste in place. If all hazardous waste and contaminants, including contaminated soils and equipment, can be removed from the site or unit at closure, the site or unit can be clean closed, and post-closure care is not required.
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