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Stormwater runoff is generated when precipitation from rain and snowmelt events flows over land or impervious surfaces and does not percolate into the ground. Such runoff accumulates debris, chemicals, sediment, and other pollutants and is a major source of pollution that damages rivers, lakes, streams, and coastal waters of the United States. To address this problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a federal program under the Clean Water Act's (CWA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program to regulate stormwater discharge sources. The CWA prohibits any person from discharging pollutants into a waterway from a point source unless a permit issued either by the EPA or an authorized state agency authorizes the discharge.
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Final Regulations 40 CFR 122 - Stormwater Discharges From Logging Roads 12/07/2012National
Proposed Regulations 40 CFR 122 - Notice of Proposed Revisions to Stormwater Regulations To Clarify That an NPDES Permit Is Not Required for Stormwater Discharges From Logging Roads 09/04/2012National
Questions & Answers Are facilities required to conduct monitoring under USEPA's general permit? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Are the 2003 stormwater rules retroactive? I have a several trucking terminals that discharge from pavement through storm drains to streams with no permits. Are we in/out of compliance? 11/24/2003National
Questions & Answers Do I have flexibility in preparing the storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and selecting best management practices (BMPs) for my site? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Do I need a NPDES permit if my stormwater exposure is only in the parking lot? 12/06/2004National
Questions & Answers Do storm water discharges from non-industrial areas (such as employee parking lots) at an industrial facility have to be addressed in the NPDES permit? 12/07/1999National
Guidance Documents Establishing TMDL Waste Load Allocations (WLA) for Stormwater Sources and NPDES Permitting Requirements for Those WLAs  National
Guidance Documents Green Infrastructure Permitting and Enforcement Series Factsheets  National
Questions & Answers How do I know which permit conditions apply to me? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers How many Notices of Intent (NOIs) must I submit? Where and when are they sent? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers If a project will not be completed before this permit expires, how can I keep permit coverage? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Is the SWPPP the same as an SPCC plan? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Must every permittee have a separate SWPPP, or is a joint plan allowed? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers My project will disturb less than 5 acres, but it may be part of a "larger common plan of development or sale." How can I tell what applies to me and what must I do? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers My question has to do with discharge of steam condensate and SWPPP. 05/17/2004National
Notices Notice of corrections to the 2012 Construction General Permit 08/07/2012National
Forms NPDES Applications and Forms  National
Regulatory Analysis Stormwater - General  National
Checklists Stormwater Sampling Kit Inspection Checklist  National
Questions & Answers Throughout our construction project, we have amended our SWPPP several times. What are our obligations now that we have altered our SWPPP? 11/02/2016National
Questions & Answers We recently purchased an existing building, but renovations need to be completed prior to moving into the building. What types of indoor/outdoor activities would trigger the need for a permit? 10/28/2016National
Questions & Answers What are "significant materials?" 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What are the actual numerical effluent guidelines under the NPDES Stormwater Permit for Industrial users, specifically air transportation? 07/23/2003National
Questions & Answers What are the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an individual stormwater permit instead of a general permit? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What are the benefits and drawbacks of pursuing an individual stormwater permit instead of a general permit? 11/07/2007National
Questions & Answers What are typical differences between state and federal regulation of storm water? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What does the permit require regarding historic preservation? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What exactly are best management practices (BMPs)? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What exactly is "storm water associated with industrial activity?" 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What is NPDES? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What is the difference between the NPDES construction and industrial general permits? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What is the federal requirement for the frequency of stormwater pollution prevention plan required inspections? Is there a state of Ohio requirement? 07/14/2003National
Questions & Answers What is the multisector permit? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What kind of permit do I need? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What must I do to satisfy the permit eligibility requirements related to endangered species? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers What SIC code should a facility use if there are multiple activities occurring at the site? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers When can I terminate permit coverage? Can I terminate coverage (i.e., liability for permit compliance) before the entire project is finished? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers When can you consider future construction on a property to be part of a separate plan of development or sale? 12/07/1999National
Questions & Answers Will the 2017 federal construction general stormwater permit change my current requirements? 10/28/2016National