Environmental Audit Preinspection Checklist
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February 26, 2015
Environmental Audit Preinspection Checklist

The preinspection phase of a voluntary audit consumes most of an environmental manager's time. Why? It all goes back to its purpose, which is to identify and obtain all information relevant to environmental compliance.

In practical terms, you have to acquire expertise about your facility and about applicable federal environmental law so that if your environmental compliance program is working effectively, all information gathered as part of the voluntary audit preinspection activities is confirmed in onsite inspection.

A thorough preinspection should reveal how your company should be complying with applicable environmental laws, rules, and regulations. A equally thorough onsite inspection tells you how your company actually is complying.

For this check-and-balance to work, your familiarity with specific areas of regulatory information is a “must.” The scope of your familiarity and of the preinspection itself depends on the type of business in which your company is engaged.

The following checklist helps you to use your time wisely by providing an environmental compliance profile worksheet that identifies the types of information you need to gather for a thorough preinspection.

Download your Environmental Audit Preinspection Checklist and get started. (Enviro.BLR.com subscriber and non-subscriber version available.)

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