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Issue Date: September 25, 2023


Editor's Picks

National Priorities List update

WOTUS redefined in response to SCOTUS Sackett decision

EPA must improve benzene fenceline monitoring enforcement

Title V air permit compliance without emergency affirmative defense

The ongoing battle over EtO


Upcoming Reporting Deadlines

Stay on top of your reporting deadlines with the Environmental Compliance Calendar.

The following are upcoming submittal deadlines for state air-, waste-, and water-related activities for September 25 through October 21, 2023:

September 25

New Jersey—Industrial Stormwater Reports

Texas—Hazardous Waste Monthly Receipt Summary for TSDFs

Texas—Monthly Waste Shipment Summary for Hazardous Waste Generators

September 30

Massachusetts—Monthly Waste Oil Transporter Report

North Dakota—Discharge Monitoring Report

Oklahoma—Hazardous Waste Monthly Report for TSDFs and Recycling Facilities

October 1

New Jersey—Industrial Stormwater Reports

Tennessee—Air Emissions Fees for Minor and Conditional Major Sources

Utah—Air Emissions Fees

October 10

Michigan—Quarterly Report for TSDFs

October 15

Maine—Waste Oil Quarterly Report for Waste Oil Dealers

October 21

Minnesota—Stormwater Monitoring Reports

For more upcoming deadlines, including stormwater, hazardous waste, air, and chemical reporting, check in with the Environmental Compliance Calendar every month.


New Training Session

Working Safely with Pesticides (PowerPoint® presentation)—Use this presentation and associated materials to train employees who work with or around pesticides on safe handling practices.


Federal Updates

Expert Tip: Emergency Coordinators at SQG Facilities

Unlike hazardous waste large quantity generators (LQGs), a hazardous waste small quantity generator (SQG) isn’t required to have a contingency plan. But, as with LQGs, it’s the company’s responsibility to have, at all times, a minimum of two employees, called the emergency coordinators, either on the premises or on call to enact response measures in the event of an emergency.

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