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GHG Management White Papers
White Papers CPP has no legal legs, the EPA now says 10/24/2017National
White Papers Leaked climate science draft forces administration’s hand 10/12/2017National
White Papers The G20—Minus 1—On climate 09/19/2017National
White Papers The Paris withdrawal—Sorting through the reactions 06/06/2017National
White Papers California ready to assume U.S. climate leadership 02/21/2017National
White Papers Infrastructure standards need better climate data 02/09/2017National
White Papers Climate change—The biggest threat to national security 11/17/2016National
White Papers Key questions—and answers—about the Paris Agreement 10/20/2016National
White Papers Methane—Product and pollutant 10/06/2016National
White Papers EPA proposes updates to CPP incentive program 08/04/2016National
White Papers Energy’s future—With and without the CPP 06/16/2016National
White Papers Preview of West Virginia v. EPA 05/26/2016National
White Papers The Clean Power Plan—A unique regulation 04/26/2016National
White Papers Fed seeks to measure CO2 in and out of land 01/28/2016National
White Papers EPA will heed international action on aircraft GHGs 11/19/2015National
White Papers States initiate case against Clean Power Plan 10/29/2015National
White Papers Two proposals address landfill methane emissions 10/27/2015National
White Papers Bad news getting worse, says climate panel 06/17/2014National
White Papers The paradox of CCS 06/03/2014National
White Papers Will U.S. coal policy deprive poorest nations? 02/18/2014National
White Papers Is new coal generation dependent on CCS? 01/14/2014National
White Papers Combusted biomass and climate change 11/26/2013National
White Papers Coal plant rule and CAA Section 111(d) 11/19/2013National
White Papers How High Is the Bar for 'Adequately Demonstrated'? 09/26/2013National
White Papers Social cost of carbon goes up 08/03/2013National
White Papers Power plants and Keystone highlight climate plan 07/16/2013National
White Papers Court denies industry GHG petitions 09/13/2012National
White Papers EPA stands pat on GHG permit thresholds 07/24/2012National