Energy White Papers
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Energy White Papers
White Papers Measuring flared gas on public lands 03/08/2019National
White Papers Produced water use faces bundle of federal and state regs 12/03/2018National
White Papers Avoidable and unavoidable O&G losses 11/29/2018National
White Papers BLM’s waste prevention rule: Terms of disagreement 11/07/2018National
White Papers RFS update 09/10/2018National
White Papers Finding uses for produced water 09/05/2018National
White Papers Congress should end self-insurance for coal mines, says GAO 05/14/2018National
White Papers BLM withdraws 2015 fracking rule 01/23/2018National
White Papers DOE proposal aims to boost coal and nuclear power 11/28/2017National
White Papers Dissecting the renewable fuel program 09/19/2017National
White Papers Sierra Club fails to block LNG exports 09/05/2017National
White Papers Update on the Arctic environment: Administration removing barriers to O&G 07/24/2017National
White Papers GAO recommends tighter O&G tracking on public lands 06/01/2017National
White Papers O&G development surges ahead of BLM 08/26/2014National
White Papers Results unknown from 10-year refinery initiative 07/08/2014National
White Papers Energy sector beckons military vets 05/27/2014National
White Papers State efficiency programs ignore party politics 05/06/2014National
White Papers Time running out on FutureGen 04/08/2014National
White Papers O&G royalty rates depriving the public 03/25/2014National
White Papers Pipeline inspections - so many possibilities 02/25/2014National
White Papers Life-cycle GHG assessments for Keystone XL 02/04/2014National
White Papers Wind energy tax credit wavers but persists 01/21/2014National
White Papers Permitting cramps gas pipeline construction 01/07/2014National
White Papers Many views on Keystone’s job impact 11/05/2013National
White Papers NRC downplays need for dry cask storage 08/26/2013National
White Papers U.S. poised to export natural gas 07/25/2013National
White Papers Fed seeks more funds to research fracking 05/15/2013National
White Papers New term, same energy debate 12/05/2012National