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Air - General News
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Air - General President speaks on NAAQS, SIPs, and Regional Haze Rule 04/16/2018National
Air - General No emissions changes proposed for fiberglass production sector 04/11/2018National
Air - General D.C. Circuit vacates parts of 2008 NAAQS implementation rule 03/26/2018National
Air - General Technical amendments proposed for petroleum refineries 03/22/2018National
Air - General EPA given deadlines to promulgate final ozone designations 03/14/2018National
Air - General AGs ask court to review EPA’s OTR denial 01/17/2018National
Air - General Agency issues third round of SO2 designations 01/15/2018National
Air - General EPA solicits comments on CPP replacement 12/22/2017National
Air - General Pruitt sued for ozone nondesignations 12/08/2017National
Air - General EPA issues initial ozone designations 11/09/2017National
Air - General Pruitt and EPA sued for overdue ozone designations 10/06/2017National
Air - General EPA must act on Delaware’s SIP 09/06/2017National
Air - General Broad support for carbon capture bill 08/08/2017National
Air - General Low-emissions report for plastic-to-fuel facilities 08/07/2017National
Air - General Senators want complete advice from science committee 08/04/2017National
Air - General Pruitt backs down on ozone delay 08/03/2017National
Air - General EPA seeks to keep oxides of nitrogen primary NAAQS 07/28/2017National
Air - General California lawmakers pass two major air bills 07/24/2017National
Air - General House passes ozone reform bill 07/20/2017National
Air - General Scott Pruitt and the California waiver 07/06/2017National
Air - General Extension continued for alternative cement-NESHAP test 06/27/2017National
Air - General Pruitt announces 1-year extension for ozone standards 06/09/2017National
Air - General State AGs voice concerns about ozone bills 04/28/2017National
Air - General API opposes expansion of OTR 04/24/2017National
Air - General Oral arguments postponed in ozone NAAQS challenge 04/21/2017National
Air - General 9th Circuit affirms EPA’s flexibility with BART alternative 03/31/2017National
Air - General New life for amendment to ozone NAAQS 02/10/2017National
Air - General VOC control guidelines issued for the O&G sector 10/26/2016National
Air - General Groups sue to force action on Fairbanks’ air 10/25/2016National
Air - General EPA must evaluate job losses, says judge 10/21/2016National
Air - General Northeastern states sue EPA over transport inaction 10/13/2016National
Air - General Exceptional events rule rewritten 10/06/2016National
Air - General 5th Circuit freezes federal haze rules for Texas and Oklahoma 09/08/2016National
Air - General Implementation plan issued for PM-2.5 NAAQS 08/29/2016National
Air - General Court refuses to require retroactive PM deadlines 08/22/2016National
Air - General States take sides over EPA’s methane rule 08/18/2016National
Air - General D.C. Circuit’s mammoth ruling on combustion rules 08/04/2016National
Air - General Regional consistency amendment allows nonacquiescence 08/04/2016National
Air - General Does EPA know the value of a human life? 07/22/2016National
Air - General Emergency exemption issued for stationary engines 07/12/2016National