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Enforcement News
Enforcement Company agrees to reduced flaring in Iowa and Texas 11/11/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 10/12/2021National
Enforcement Marine Corps denied immunity and ordered to pay pollution penalties 08/03/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 07/15/2021National
Enforcement Staffing and safety concerns may compromise EPA enforcement mission 05/21/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/12/2021National
Enforcement Emissions Tampering Enforcement Alert 02/26/2021National
Enforcement Welcome back, SEPs 02/22/2021National
Enforcement EPA announces annual increases for civil penalties 01/15/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 01/11/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 10/12/2020National
Enforcement Changes to SEC requirements impact environmental disclosures 09/08/2020National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 07/13/2020National
Enforcement UPDATE: EPA's pandemic civil enforcement policy 07/09/2020National
Enforcement Inspector's 12-year report shows downward trend in enforcement 04/20/2020National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/09/2020National
Enforcement Enforcement office clarifies EPA's coronavirus policy 04/08/2020National
Enforcement EPA’s committee policy falls short of rational decision-making 03/30/2020National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 01/10/2020National
Enforcement Companies dealt big fines by EPA in Q3 10/09/2019National
Enforcement Enforcement ... It Begins and Ends with Your Permit 07/23/2019National
Enforcement Effective Immediately: Higher EPA penalties for noncompliance 02/06/2019National
Enforcement EPA eases up on criminal enforcement, says PEER 01/17/2019National
Enforcement EPA’s revised policy on enforcement settlements 11/07/2018National
Enforcement The haze of EPA's Next Gen Compliance 04/14/2015National
Enforcement PHMSA reports record pipeline penalties 04/18/2014National
Enforcement Mining company to pay largest NPDES fine 03/13/2014National
Enforcement EPA reports on lead paint enforcement 03/04/2014National
Enforcement EPA enforcement takes sharp turn to big cases 02/17/2014National
Enforcement EPA Enforcement: 'Next-Generation Compliance' 02/11/2014National
Enforcement EPA to update TSCA/FIFRA enforcement policies 10/18/2013National
Enforcement Transocean agrees to record CWA fine 01/04/2013National
Enforcement Environmental enforcement 2012 12/19/2012National
Enforcement Mishandling refrigerants yields $700,000 08/08/2012National
Enforcement Leaks at plastics facilities 08/03/2012National