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Enforcement News
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Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 07/10/2024National
Enforcement Company agrees to $195,000 penalty for alleged CAA refrigerant violations 06/24/2024National
Enforcement EPA announces Strategic Civil-Criminal Enforcement Policy 05/24/2024National
Enforcement SCOTUS scrutinizes Chevron defense; possible consequences 04/26/2024National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/10/2024National
Enforcement Most Misunderstood Regulations: Falsified records result in mill fatalities and prison time 04/01/2024National
Enforcement Cummins agrees to record-setting $1.7 billion CAA civil settlement 03/22/2024National
Enforcement EPA's Enforcement and Compliance Initiatives for 2024–2027 01/24/2024National
Enforcement EPA announces 2024 civil penalties increases 01/15/2024National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 01/10/2024National
Enforcement Chevron defense battle lines drawn in upcoming SCOTUS case 10/11/2023National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 10/10/2023National
Enforcement Refinery settlement includes electric lawn equipment 09/22/2023National
Enforcement Alaskan homebuilder fined $107,000 for alleged CWA violations 08/16/2023National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 07/10/2023National
Enforcement Shipping company agrees to $2.25 million in environmental penalties 06/09/2023National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/10/2023National
Enforcement EPA proposes enforcement initiatives 02/13/2023National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 01/10/2023National
Enforcement EPA enhances fenceline monitoring and enforcement websites 11/07/2022National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 10/10/2022National
Enforcement Colorado federal judge orders mining operation to pay $500,000 CWA fine 10/07/2022National
Enforcement Most Misunderstood Regulations: Enforcement focus on RMP 10/03/2022National
Enforcement Climate lawsuits sent back to state courts 09/12/2022National
Enforcement West Virginia case raises questions about the future of administrative law 08/31/2022National
Enforcement Marine Corps denied immunity and ordered to pay pollution penalties 08/03/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/12/2021National
Enforcement Emissions Tampering Enforcement Alert 02/26/2021National
Enforcement Welcome back, SEPs 02/22/2021National
Enforcement EPA announces annual increases for civil penalties 01/15/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 01/11/2021National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 10/12/2020National
Enforcement Changes to SEC requirements impact environmental disclosures 09/08/2020National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 07/13/2020National
Enforcement UPDATE: EPA's pandemic civil enforcement policy 07/09/2020National
Enforcement Inspector's 12-year report shows downward trend in enforcement 04/20/2020National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 04/09/2020National
Enforcement Enforcement office clarifies EPA's coronavirus policy 04/08/2020National
Enforcement EPA’s committee policy falls short of rational decision-making 03/30/2020National
Enforcement EPA enforcement roundup 01/10/2020National