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Drinking Water News
Drinking Water The new Proposition 65 rules: Is your business ready? 07/31/2018National
Drinking Water OIG implicates EPA in Flint water crisis 07/30/2018National
Drinking Water EPA invites stakeholders to LCR meeting 12/19/2017National
Drinking Water Elevated arsenic levels in private wells affect 2.1 million people 10/23/2017National
Drinking Water Using registered pesticide products on drinking water 10/20/2017National
Drinking Water Drinking water bill clears Subcommittee 07/20/2017National
Drinking Water EPA will not ban fluoride in drinking water 03/07/2017National
Drinking Water EPA completes 6-year review of drinking water standards 01/11/2017National
Drinking Water Drinking water action plan starts with infrastructure 12/07/2016National
Drinking Water Fourth drinking water contaminant list issued 11/21/2016National
Drinking Water EPA outlines a better LCR 10/28/2016National
Drinking Water EPA flubbed exercising emergency authority in Flint 10/24/2016National
Drinking Water EPA expedites approval of 21 water tests 06/25/2014National
Drinking Water SDWA enforcement passes OIG review 01/13/2014National
Drinking Water Coliform rule - long-term planning 09/27/2013National
Drinking Water New checklists on drinking water security 07/23/2013National
Drinking Water EPA ends Pavillion fracking investigation 07/18/2013National
Drinking Water Changing the affordability criteria in water regs 06/10/2013National
Drinking Water States seek raise in drinking water funds 03/07/2013National
Drinking Water MCL eliminated for total coliform 01/10/2013National
Drinking Water Electronic consumer confidence reports 09/13/2012National