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Refrigerants/ODS News
Refrigerants/ODS Refrigerants: Changes beg for preparation 08/14/2017National
Refrigerants/ODS D.C. Circuit nullifies EPA’s 2015 HFC rule 08/10/2017National
Refrigerants/ODS Refrigerant reg revisions are here 11/18/2016National
Refrigerants/ODS Refrigerant recordkeeping and reporting 11/01/2016National
Refrigerants/ODS The what and when of revised refrigerant regulations 10/27/2016National
Refrigerants/ODS HFC reduction agreement reached in Rwanda 10/19/2016National
Refrigerants/ODS Two major actions address HFCs 10/07/2016National
Refrigerants/ODS Warning issued about flammable substitute refrigerants 05/06/2016National
Refrigerants/ODS Next on the GHG Hit List: Refrigerants 11/23/2015National
Refrigerants/ODS Simple steps to avoid refrigeration violations 09/19/2014National
Refrigerants/ODS Climate-safe alternatives proposed for SNAP 07/07/2014National
Refrigerants/ODS North America's HFC phasedown proposal 05/23/2014National
Refrigerants/ODS EPA accepting applications for methyl bromide CUEs 06/17/2013National
Refrigerants/ODS U.S. and China agree on HFC phasedown 06/12/2013National
Refrigerants/ODS Class II allowances issued 04/15/2013National