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NPDES EPA rescinds previous CWA guidance requirements 10/04/2021National
NPDES GAO recommends significant changes for EPA to reach NPDES compliance goal 07/23/2021National
NPDES EPA finalizes 2021 Multi-Sector General Permit 02/08/2021National
NPDES NPDES electronic reporting final rule issued 11/12/2020National
NPDES Supreme Court rules permits needed for groundwater discharges 04/27/2020National
NPDES California’s new NPDES permitting requirement for business licenses 01/10/2020National
NPDES EPA issues interpretive statement ahead of NPDES groundwater case 04/24/2019National
NPDES Supreme Court will sort out CWA discharge dispute 03/04/2019National
NPDES EPA seeks to finalize NPDES proposal 11/26/2018National
NPDES Court gives EPA until November 14 to enforce CAFO release reporting 09/07/2017National
NPDES Court vacates final rule regarding CERCLA and EPCRA reporting requirements 07/28/2017National
NPDES Out with paper, in with NPDES e-reporting 01/18/2016National
NPDES Understanding NPDES inspections and common violations 09/09/2014National
NPDES District judge vacates water transfer rule 04/09/2014National
NPDES Hidden camera used to allege CWA violations 03/27/2014National
NPDES CWA exemption applies to CAFO litter 11/08/2013National
NPDES Agreement signed on Iowa CAFOs 09/25/2013National
NPDES Assessing the Pebble Mine assessment 09/09/2013National
NPDES Sweeping NPDES e-reporting rule proposed 08/06/2013National
NPDES Coast Guard proposes annual ballast water reports 06/25/2013National
NPDES EPA errs twice on CAFO data 05/17/2013National
NPDES Enforcement report for NPDES nonmajors 05/08/2013National
NPDES EPA issues final vessel general permit 03/28/2013National
NPDES Bill would negate pesticide general permit 03/21/2013National
NPDES Enviro groups obtain CAFO info 03/04/2013National
NPDES Perdue seeks court fees in CAFO case 02/18/2013National
NPDES Court says it lacks CWA jurisdiction 11/07/2012National
NPDES Farm bureaus may intervene 10/21/2012National
NPDES NY yogurt industry finds a friend in Cuomo 08/17/2012National
NPDES EPA sweeps in NPDES case 08/15/2012National
NPDES CAFO requirement eliminated 07/31/2012National