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EHS on Tap is an environmental, health, and safety podcast by BLR. On each episode of EHS on Tap, our host will discuss emerging legal, regulatory, and policy issues with industry experts and the impacts to everyday environmental and safety professionals. EHS on Tap runs the gamut of contemporary environmental issues including water, air, and waste as well as covers a wide variety of safety issues.

All episodes of the EHS on Tap podcast series are below.

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News EHS on Tap: E34 Safety Culture: The Balance Between Coach and Cop 05/17/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E33 The (Big) Risks of Believing Environmental Compliance No Longer Matters 05/08/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E32 The OSHA Recordkeeping and Electronic Submission Rule: Safety Meets Big Data 04/12/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E31 Drug Testing: Compliance, Safety, and the HR Connection 04/10/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E30 What’s the Story with e-Manifests? 03/20/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E25 Top 3 Safety Challenges of the Year 02/06/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E26 Keeping Your EHS Software Project on Track 02/04/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E28 The Future of Safety: Disruption on the Horizon 02/04/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E29 Root Cause Analysis: Learning from incidents to improve prevention 02/04/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E24 Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Training Essentials 02/04/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E27 The Value of EAPs: From Productivity to Violence Prevention 01/29/2018National
News EHS on Tap: E23 Heat Stress: Employer Requirements and Innovative Best Practices To Protect Workers 05/10/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E22 What's on the horizon for OSHA's lockout/tagout rule? 04/25/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E21 Environmental Audits 101: What Every Facility Manager Should Know 04/17/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E20 The Role of Senior Management in Workplace Safety Culture 03/30/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E19 Update on Electronic Recordkeeping, Anti-Retaliation under OSHA’s Injury and Illness Rule 03/14/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E18 What's the Future of the EPA and Its Regulations? 03/06/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E17 What’s Next for OSHA’s Controversial Silica Rule? 02/17/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E15: Understanding the True Costs of Managing Stormwater 02/07/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E16 Step To It - OSHA's Walking Working Surfaces Rule 01/03/2017National
News EHS on Tap: E14: Key Concepts of the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule 12/21/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E13 A safety voyage to the animal kingdom 12/09/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E12 The 2016 Election and the Environment—Shaping our Future 10/31/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E11: OSHA’s new recordkeeping rule—what’s in store for drug testing and employer retaliation 10/20/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E10: The Clean Power Plan: What the D.C. Circuit Court's Recent Hearing Means for Clean Air 10/14/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E09 The Future of PPE Design - Intriguing Millennials to Stay Safe in the Workplace 09/27/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E08 Silent and Toxic Plumes: EPA’s Recent Proposal to Rein in Vapor Intrusion 09/13/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E07 Navigating the Proposed Pharmaceutical Rule 09/02/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E06 Paying the Price with OSHA's New Penalties 07/27/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E05 Safety Culture: From Concept to Action 07/22/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E04 TSCA: The New Age of Chemical Reform 07/13/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E03 The Ever Changing Construction Site 07/12/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E02 What Hawkes Means for Wetland Determinations 06/15/2016National
News EHS on Tap: E01 Wading Through the WOTUS Waters 06/07/2016National