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Spill Prevention (SPCC Plan)
National Summary
Under the Clean Water Act (CWA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that regulated oil storage facilities develop and implement oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans. In addition to the CWA requirements, the federal Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA) requires that facilities detail and implement spill prevention and control measures in their plans.
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Questions & Answers For the purposes of SPCC, and providing compliance with the secondary containment provisions, is a "double hulled" or "double walled" storage tank considered to provide the secondary containment? 07/10/2008National
Questions & Answers 40 CFR 112.8(c)(3)(iii) states "Open the bypass valve and reseal it following drainage under responsible supervision." What does EPA consider responsible supervision? 11/29/2018National
Final Regulations 40 CFR 141 - Clean Water Act Hazardous Substances Spill Prevention; Final Rule 09/03/2019National
Questions & Answers 40 CFR Section 112.3(c) states that if you are a owner or operator of a portable fueling facility you must prepare,implement and mainteain a facility Plan. 03/24/2005National
Questions & Answers A delivery truck with a 100-gallon diesel fuel tank delivers fuel to my facility. Is SPCC applicable to it, particularly the secondary containment requirement, or is it covered under 40 CFR 112 Appendix B--the MOU with DOT and DOI? 12/05/2005National
Notices Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Oil Pollution Prevention; Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans 12/17/2012National
Forms Alternative Measures Reviewed and Certified by a Professional Engineer (Tier II Plan)  National
Questions & Answers An interstate towable trailer is outfitted with ASTs, and it is towed to disaster areas to fuel electrical generators and vehicles. It is parked at a facility between deployments. Does the trailer count towards the SPCC threshold at the facility? 12/14/2018National
Questions & Answers An SPCC plan is required if a facility has a reasonable expectation of discharge of oil to a navigable waterway. We have facilities that only discharge water during serious storms, through roadside ditches and swales that otherwise wouldn't discharge 03/10/2006National
Forms Annual Inspection and Plan Review Checklist for Onshore Oil Drilling and Workover Facilities  National
Forms Annual Inspection and Plan Review Checklist for Onshore Oil Production Facilities  National
Questions & Answers Are “shipping” containers like 55 gallon drums considered “storage”? 05/19/2016National
Questions & Answers Are empty totes and drums that had oil but are now empty and awaiting pickup to be returned or recycled still considered for SPCC? In other words, do they still need to be included in the Plan, meet secondary containment requirements, and be inspected? 09/10/2020National
Questions & Answers Are secondary containment requirements found at 40 CFR 112.7(c) applicable to oil-filled electrical equipment? 12/05/2005National
Questions & Answers Are the volumes of oil/diesel equipment exceeding 55 gallon capacities counted in determining the necessity of an SPCC plan? 08/25/2005National
Questions & Answers Are wastewater treatment facilities required to prepare and implement a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan? 02/07/2005National
Forms Bulk Storage Container Inspection Schedule for Onshore Facilities (Excluding Production)  National
Forms Bulk Storage Container Inspection Schedule for Onshore Production Facilities  National
Questions & Answers Can a response to a small spill count as an FRP drill? 06/13/2007National
Forms Certification of Substantial Harm Determination Form  National
Forms Certification of the Applicability of the Substantial Harm Criteria for Tier II Facilities  National
Guidance Documents Common SPCC Violations  National
Forms Containment Calculations for Tanks  National
Forms Containment Drainage Report  National
Questions & Answers Could you provide me with a copy of a sample Spill Prevention Control & Counter (SPCC) plan? 09/27/2004National
Forms Dike Drainage Log  National
Forms Discharge Notification Form for Onshore Oil Drilling and Workover Facilities  National
Forms Discharge Notification Form for Onshore Oil Production Facilities  National
Forms Discharge Notification Form for Tier II Qualified Facilities  National
Questions & Answers Do 55-gallon fiber drums meet the requirements for compatibility in 40 CFR 112.8(c)(1)? Does the secondary containment requirement in 40 CFR 112.8(c)(2) apply to these drums? 04/30/2020National
Questions & Answers Do Chemicals such as benzene, aniline, toluene and onther refined hydrocarbons meet the SPCC definition of oil and need to be part of the planning process? 08/28/2003National
Questions & Answers Do Tier I and Tier II qualified facilities need to complete the "Certification of the Applicability of the Substantial Harm Criteria" found in 40 CFR 112, Appendix C, Attachment C-II as part of their SPCC Plan? 11/20/2018National
Questions & Answers Do transformers owned by the power company need to be part of our SPCC Plan? 11/06/2019National
Questions & Answers Do we need to include hydraulic units smaller than 55 gallons of oil in our plan for specific sources? 08/09/2013National
Questions & Answers Does 40 CFR 112.8 d(1) refer to piping associated with a containment system that leads to an oil water separator? 03/15/2012National
Questions & Answers Does a facility that has three blow molding machines with oil capacity of 300 gallons (gal) each, and a tote tank containing 250 gal need an SPCC Plan? If so, can the EHS manager write the SPCC Plan or does the facility need a professional engineer (PE)? 06/12/2015National
Questions & Answers Does a SPCC plan w/ more than 10000 gallons need to be recertified by a professional engineer ever 5 years or only when there is a change to the facility design, construction or operation? 08/30/2013National
Questions & Answers Does a trucking terminal need an SPCC plan? 05/19/2016National
Questions & Answers Does changing the frequency of inspections from weekly to monthly for facilities that receive infrequent fuel deliveries (1/year or less) constitute a technical change that requires a PE? 03/07/2014National
Questions & Answers Does replacing a 1000 gallon UST with an 8000 gallon UST in the same location require a PE-certified revision to the SPCC Plan if nothing else has cahnged at the site? 02/10/2014National