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This analysis describes the requirements of safety data sheets (SDSs) under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) hazard communication standard—or HazCom. The SDS is at the heart of federal HazCom, and any employer with employees exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous chemicals must comply. The SDS is a detailed, written description of a hazardous chemical. It is the primary source of information about hazardous chemicals for employers and their workers, and it contains comprehensive technical information about a particular chemical and explains the hazards, precautions, and remedies to human exposure.

Employees who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous chemicals must be trained how to access SDSs and interpret them. SDSs must be readily available to employees in their work areas. SDSs are not substitutes to chemical labeling or worker training.

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Questions & Answers A facility is required to keep two MSDSs on file for the same hazardous chemical--one for the gas phase and one for the liquid phase. Would the same chemical at a facility in different physical states be aggregated for threshold determinations? 01/30/2006National
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Questions & Answers I have some MSDS sheets that are more than 10 years old. Is there a regulation that requires chemical manufacturers, sellers, distributors etc to review MSDS every so many years? 12/21/2004National
Questions & Answers I understand that chemicals under RCRA do not need to have an MSDS. Is this correct? 08/18/2005National
Questions & Answers If a fire extinguishers bursts, is this considered a chemical spill and is this considered toxic? 09/20/2010National
Questions & Answers If an employer maintains an electronic system as the primary means of providing MSDSs in the workplace, is it acceptable for employees to obtain hazard information verbally over the phone if the primary system is temporarily inoperable? 08/07/2006National
Questions & Answers Is a workplace that uses consumer packaged products like spray paint or brake cleaner required to have MSDSs, or is the hazard warning on the can sufficient to satisfy HAZCOM? 11/22/2004National
Questions & Answers Is the MSDS requirement only for hazardous chemicals or for all chemicals stored or used? 08/18/2005National
Questions & Answers Is there a requirement to annually train employees on MSDSs? 02/22/2010National
Questions & Answers It seems that every country has different rules and requirements regarding SDSs. If we develop an SDS in the format for North America or for the EU can we use that SDS when we ship products to China or Australia or Japan, etc.? 03/02/2016National
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Questions & Answers On an MSDS under Disposal Considerations they state dispose of in accordance with existing federal, state and local environmental control regulations. How do you find out how to disposal of the materials? 11/19/2009National
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Questions & Answers We are in the process of converting MSDS to SDS and received a letter from a supplier claiming their product as an "article" exempt from SDS requirements. Is this valid? 03/16/2015National
Questions & Answers We have a large fleet of utility vehicles that may contain chemicals. The staff is on call 24-7. Are we required to maintain paper copies of MSDSs in the vehicles? 07/23/2004National
Questions & Answers We manufacture custom cars. When we deliver a car to the customer, we include up to a pint of "touch up " paint. It is normally packed in the car and deliveried at the same time as the car.Do we need to include MSDS with this box/car ? 08/06/2009National
Questions & Answers We subscribe to a company that provides MSDS. I need to know if it is a federal or state OSHA requirment that we have MSDS available on site. 02/17/2005National
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Questions & Answers What information am I required to put on our out going MSDSs for section 311/312 reporting information if we trigger Sec 311/312 >10,000 lbs of a non-EHS on site?? 01/03/2011National
Questions & Answers What is the rule for a company that mixes different paints and then ships the paint to China? Does the company have to have an MSDS for the mixed paints? 09/09/2009National