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Required by both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a hazardous waste manifest is the shipping paper for hazardous waste. The paper manifest travels with the hazardous waste from the point of generation, through transportation, to the final treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF). Each party in the chain of shipping, including the generator, signs and keeps a manifest copy, creating a "cradle to grave" tracking of the hazardous waste. Hazardous waste shipments offered for transportation by a generator and shipped to a TSDF may, alternatively, be tracked with an electronic manifest.
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Final Regulations 40 CFR 260, 262, 263 et al. - Electronic Manifests 02/07/2014National
Notices Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; Requirements for Generators, Transporters, and Waste Management Facilities Under the RCRA Hazardous Waste Manifest System 02/08/2019National
Notices Announcement of Requirements Gathering Meetings for the Electronic Manifest (e-Manifest) System 02/20/2013National
Questions & Answers Are Large Quantity Generators of hazardous waste required to send the manifests to the state? 08/09/2010National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Billing  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Brokers  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Emergency Response and Cleanup  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: General Public  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Generators  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Inspectors  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Receiving Facilities  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Site Managers  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: Transporters  National
Guidance Documents e-Manifest Fact Sheet: TSDFs  National
Guidance Documents EPA 5/14/07 Memorandum re Hazardous Waste Manifest Provision for Rejected Shipments and Residues  National
Guidance Documents EPA Frequent Questions about the January 3, 2018 Final Rule: User Fees for the Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest System (E-Manifest) and Amendments to Manifest Regulations  National
Guidance Documents EPA Letter - Training and Manifest Signature Requirements for Generators  National
Questions & Answers Has BLR completed state-by-state research to identify what wastes must be shipped on a Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest? For example, Illinois has certain wastes they classify as Special Wastes that must be shipped on a hazardous waste manifest. 07/30/2018National
Guidance Documents Hazardous Waste Management System; Modification of the Hazardous Waste Manifest System; Electronic Manifests; Final Rule  National
Training Exercises Hazardous Waste Manifests (Exercise 2)  National
Questions & Answers I have heard there is an exception or exemption for persons signing a hazardous waste manifest who have not received 49 CFR training, IF there is a DOT-trained and knowledgeable person assisting in preparing the shipment and paperwork for transport. 02/12/2010National
Questions & Answers If a TSDF receives a manifest that lists an item as 1 x 5 gal when, in actuality, it was 1 x 55 gal, is the TSDF required to fill out a descrepancy report? Is the TSDF only responsible for making sure section 12 is correct and not section 13? 05/04/2004National
Questions & Answers If Company A leases space within its facility to Company B, can Company A fill out the manifest for hazardous waste sent off-site for disposal? 12/04/2006National
Questions & Answers If our shipping and receiving clerk is the person who receives our compressed gas tanks and they sign the manifest, do they need to be trained in Hazardous Waste Regulations RCRA or is training in just DOT ok? 10/18/2018National
Guidance Documents Infographic: How Would You Like Your Manifest: Electronic or Paper?  National
Instructions Instructions to the Hazardous Waste Manifest (EPA Form 8700-22)  National
Questions & Answers Is it a violation of RCRA to transport a hazardous or universal waste under a non-hazardous waste manifest?Is it a RCRA violation to alter/delete information on a non-hazardous waste manifest?Thank you. 05/08/2019National
Questions & Answers Is there a mechanism to correct a manifest for a shipment of waste that was incorrectly identified as hazardous waste (DOO6, D007, D008), but should have been identified as nonregulated waste? 08/07/2007National
Regulatory Analysis Manifests  National
Quizzes RCRA Training: Hazardous Waste Manifests  National
Handout RCRA Training: Hazardous Waste Manifests  National
Speaker's Notes RCRA Training: Hazardous Waste Manifests  National
PowerPoints RCRA Training: Hazardous Waste Manifests  National
Trainer's Guides RCRA Training: Hazardous Waste Manifests  National
Training Exercises RCRA Training: Hazardous Waste Manifests (Exercise 1)  National
Notices The Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System Advisory Board: Request for Nominations 05/11/2018National
Questions & Answers This is probably more of a federal question. Once waste gets to the TSDF the TSDF is to send a signed copy of the manifest to the generator. Instead of sending signed paper copies can signed electronic (scanned) manifest copies be sent? We want to sca 01/21/2013National
Forms Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest - Sample (EPA Form 8700-22)  National
Forms Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest Continuation Sheet - Sample (EPA Form 8700-22A)  National
Speaker's Notes Webinar [2018-08]: The New E-Manifest System Has Launched: Here's How You Achieve Compliance  National