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Wastewater - General
National Summary
General wastewater issues include emerging contaminants (e.g., pharmaceuticals and personal care product chemicals), onsite sewage disposal systems, privatization agreements between contractors and publicly owned treatment works, and state initiatives that don't fall under the auspices of the federal Clean Water Act.
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Final Regulations 40 CFR 423 - Steam Electric Power Generating Point Source Category 06/26/2023National
Final Regulations 40 CFR 423 - Supplemental Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Steam Electric Power Generating Point Source Category; Final Rule 05/09/2024National
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Notices Massachusetts Marine Sanitation Device Standard 03/24/2014National
Notices Massachusetts Marine Sanitation Device Standard--Notice of Determination 05/27/2014National
Notices New York State Prohibition of Discharges of Vessel Sewage; Final Affirmative Determination 06/20/2014National
Guidance Documents Primer for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems  National
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