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Regulatory Activity
Stay up to date with regulatory information in your state. Here's where you can see all the final and proposed rules, and notices published in the federal and state registers within the last 7 days.
Recent Regulatory Activity
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197614news.aspx/environmental-news/EHS-management/EPA-and-multistate-environmental-law-regulations/Growing-support-for-Biden-to-declare-climate-emerg/Environment - GeneralNews Growing support for Biden to declare climate emergency National
197596news.aspx/environmental-news/EHS-management/EPA-and-multistate-environmental-law-regulations/Congressional-lack-of-funding-continues-to-jeopard/Environment - GeneralNews Congressional lack of funding continues to jeopardize EPA operations National
197583news.aspx/environmental-news/waste/industrial-waste-recycling/California-probes-plastic-pollution/RecyclingNews California probes plastic pollution National
197559news.aspx/environmental-news/water/drinking-water-quality-protection/News-EPA-announces-three-prong-attack-on-PFAS-in-w/Drinking WaterNews News EPA announces three-prong attack on PFAS in water National
197544news.aspx/environmental-news/air/climate-change-greenhouse-gas-emissions/EPA-denies-petitions-challenging-2009-GHG-endanger/GHG ManagementNews EPA denies petitions challenging 2009 GHG endangerment findings National
197512news.aspx/environmental-news/air/climate-change-greenhouse-gas-emissions/29th-annual-greenhouse-gas-emissions-report/GHG ManagementNews 29th annual greenhouse gas emissions report National
197347faqs.aspx/environmental-faqs/waste/hazardous-waste-generators/We-lease-part-of-a-building-and-do-not-have-an-EPA/Hazardous Waste GeneratorsQuestions & Answers We do not have an EPA ID# for that location but the building's owner has an EPA ID # for his business in that building; can we use his EPA ID# even though it is a separate business, or do we need our own? National
197126faqs.aspx/environmental-faqs/waste/hazardous-waste-generators/We-have-a-US-EPA-ID-number-assigned-to-our-locatio/Hazardous Waste GeneratorsQuestions & Answers We have a US EPA ID number assigned to our location and we lease part of a building at a separate location at a different address; if we generate hazardous waste at the lease location can we use our US EPA ID Number or must we apply for another one? National
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