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Environmental Quick Links

What's a Time Saver?
A Time Saver is any document that helps you do your job better and faster. Prewritten forms, checklists, employee newsletters, and written plans save you preparation time and allow you to focus on environmental compliance. See the video tutorial.
Customizable Written EHS Plans
Do you hate writing EHS plans from scratch? You don't have to! We've added new custom plans in topics such as SPCC and SWPPP.
New Time Savers
Friday, February 10, 2017
Use this log to record accurate daily operations information such as those materials incoming to and outgoing from the solid waste transfer facility. It includes an inspection checklist.
Monday, February 6, 2017
This document contains suggestions for security guidelines for hazardous materials shipping and transportation companies.
This checklist will help MTSO determine if their Marine Terminal Physical Security Plan contains all of the required elements.
Friday, February 3, 2017
Waste tire generators who self-haul 9 or fewer waste tires at a time may use copies of this form to document the transport of the waste tires to another Waste Tire Generator, Waste Tire Processor, Waste Tire Monofill, or an approved beneficial user of whole waste tires.
Composting facilities operating commercially that qualify as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Composting Facility must use this form to register with the CDPHE.
Use this form to register with the CDPHE as a Class I Composting Facility.
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Operatosr of construction sites where one or more acres are disturbed, smaller sites that are part of a larger common plan of development or sale where there is a cumulative disturbance of at least one acre, or any other site specifically designated by the Director, must submit an NOT to terminate coverage under the Construction General Permit.
Monday, November 28, 2016
Underground storage tank owners or operators in Illinois must designate Class A, Class B, and Class C operators and can do so using this form.
Updated Time Savers
Monday, June 6, 2016
An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is required at some facilities and strongly recommended for all others. An employer (property owner or occupier) must have an EAP whenever a specific OSHA rule requires one. For example, an EAP is required at any facility where employees are required to evacuate when a fire alarm is sounded. Employers at facilities with fixed extinguishing systems and fire detection systems must also develop an EAP.
This California-specific plan “Emergency Action Plan” can be used in an EHS plan handbook or as a standalone plan addressing emergency planning and response requirements at your facility. Download this Emergency Action Plan to your computer or print it out.
Friday, February 27, 2015
APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Fugitive Component Leak Emissions (APCD-203)
Submit this Specialty APEN to report new or existing condensate storage tanks located at E&P facilities only.
Submit this specialty APEN to report emissions from hydrocarbon liquid loading operations such as liquid load out from above ground storage tanks and liquid load out from pressurized storage tanks (if reportable).
This Colorado environmental air permitting form “Dry Cleaner Air Permit Application Package (01/07)” can be used at your facility.
Use this form to report malfunctions, which are unpredictable failures of air pollution control or process equipment.
Oil & Gas industry Construction Permit Self-Certification Timeline Table (APCD-401)
Submit this form along with the Permit Application form to describe the source, equipment, activity, process, stack details, and emissions.
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169886/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Solid-Waste-Transfer-Facility-Daily-Log-of-Operati-169886/FormsSolid WasteOhio Solid Waste Transfer Facility Daily Log of Operations
169887/timesavers/environmental-checklists/waste/solid-waste/Inspection-Checklist-for-a-Solid-Waste-Transfer-Fa/ChecklistsSolid WasteOhio Inspection Checklist for a Solid Waste Transfer Facility
169808/timesavers/environmental-checklists/Emergency-Planning-Response/industrial-facility-security/Implementing-Hazmat-Security-Measures-/ChecklistsSecurityCalifornia Implementing Hazmat Security Measures Checklist
169809/timesavers/environmental-checklists/Emergency-Planning-Response/industrial-facility-security/Marine-Terminal-Physical-Security-Plan-Checklist/ChecklistsSecurityCalifornia Marine Terminal Physical Security Plan Checklist
169731/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Waste-Grease-Facility-Annual-Report-Form-WG-3-/FormsSolid WasteColorado Waste Grease Facility Annual Report (Form WG-3)
169736/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Generators-Transporting-9-or-Less-Waste-Tires-at-a/FormsSolid WasteColorado Generators Transporting 9 or Less Waste Tires at a Time (Form WT-10)
169796/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Conditionally-Exempt-Small-Quantity-Commercial-Com/FormsSolid WasteColorado Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Commercial Composting Facility Registration and Update Form
169797/timesavers/environmental-forms/waste/solid-waste/Class-I-Composting-Facility-Registration-and-Updat/FormsSolid WasteColorado Class I Composting Facility Registration and Update Form
169494/timesavers/environmental-forms/water/Stormwater-Construction-Activities/Notice-of-Termination-NOT-for-Stormwater-Discharge/FormsStormwater-Construction ActivitiesNational Notice of Termination (NOT) for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Construction Activity
168674/timesavers/environmental-forms/hazmat-and-chemicals/underground-storage-tanks-USTs/List-of-Designated-Class-AB-and-C-Operators-Form-/FormsUnderground Storage TanksIllinois List of Designated Class A/B and C Operators Form
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112638/timesavers/environmental-plans/health-and-safety/OSHA/OSHA-Emergency-Action-Plan/PlansOSHANational OSHA - Emergency Action Plan - Template
129313/timesavers/environmental-plans/health-and-safety/OSHA/CalOSHA-Emergency-Action-Plan/PlansOSHACalifornia Cal/OSHA Emergency Action Plan
122732/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/APEN-Application-for-Construction-Permit-Fugitive-/FormsAir PermittingColorado APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Fugitive Component Leak Emissions (APCD-203)
122731/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/APEN-Application-for-Construction-Permit-Oil-Gas-E/FormsAir PermittingColorado APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Condensate Storage Tank Battery (APCD-205)
122724/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/APEN-Application-for-Construction-Permit-Hydrocarb/FormsAir PermittingColorado APEN & Application for Construction Permit - Hydrocarbon Liquid Loading (APCD-208)
91157/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/Dry-Cleaner-Air-Permit-Application-Packet/FormsAir PermittingColorado Dry Cleaner Air Permit Application Packet
122739/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/Malfunction-Event-Reporting-Form/FormsAir PermittingColorado Malfunction Event Reporting Form
24855/timesavers/environmental-forms/hazmat-and-chemicals/asbestos-management/General-Abatement-Contractor-Certification-Form-GA/FormsAsbestosColorado General Abatement Contractor Certification Form (GAC08)
136257/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/Oil-Gas-industry-Construction-Permit-Self-Certific/FormsAir PermittingColorado Oil & Gas industry Construction Permit Self-Certification Timeline Table (APCD-401)
20086/timesavers/environmental-forms/air/air-permitting/General-APEN-APCD-200/FormsAir PermittingColorado General APEN (APCD-200)